How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

Ashiv Gupta CAR CARE

Cleaning the interior of your car is as important as cleaning the exterior, because let’s face it we all hate to see dirt and grime accumulated at different places along with nasty stains on the covers of the seats. Below are some simple steps which you can follow to clean the interior of your car to make it look as good as new.

Step 1: Vacuuming


  • Empty your car by taking out all your belongings. Remove the floor mats and keep them aside.
  • Start with first vacuuming the floorboards, the area around the pedals and under the seats.
  • Using a soft brush attachment, vacuum the dashboard, seats and center console.
  • Be careful with vacuuming the leather seats as the hose can easily scratch the leather.
  • To clean cracks or crevices (if any), use a crevice tool as it can easily get into those small openings making it easier to clean.
  • Now vacuum the floor mats and if required, wash them with garden hose and let them dry.
  • For getting into dusty small corners, you can also use a Q-tip.

Step 2: Cleaning the seats

To clean the fabric seats:fabric seaats

  • Use an upholstery cleaner.
  • Spray the cleaner evenly on the surface.
  • Rub vigorously with a soft cloth or hard brush to remove the stains.
  • Work on small areas one by one and when you’re done, clean thoroughly with a dry soft cloth.

To clean the leather seats:

car seats

  • Use a leather cleaning agent which is specially formulated for cleaning leather so as to avoid any damage to the seats.
  • Spray the product on a soft cotton cloth and start wiping the seats gently.
  • Clean the crevices and edges properly.
  • You can also use a leather conditioner to protect the leather after you’re done with cleaning.
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Step 3: Cleaning the steering wheel and dashboard

dashboard 1

  • Clean the steering wheel and dashboard with a moist cotton or microfibre cloth.
  • To remove stains from the dashboard, you can use a cleaner but make sure to wipe it with a clean dry cloth.
  • To make the dashboard shiny, use a polishing agent.
  • Make sure you don’t spray the polish directly on any electrical component including the stereo to avoid any damages.

Step 4: Cleaning the floorboard carpet


  • To clean the carpet, you can use the same upholstery product which you used to clean the fabric seats.
  • Spray the product evenly on the stained area and start rubbing the surface with a cloth or hard brush to remove the stains. Don’t forget to wipe the surface with a dry clean cloth afterwards.
  • Also, make sure not to wet the carpet too much as it can lead to corrosion under the carpet with a musty smell.

Step 5: Cleaning the doors and windows

To clean the doors

car door

  • To clean the door upholstery, use an upholstery cleaner and wipe the surface with a cotton cloth.
  • To clean the leather grain area, spray the cleaner on the surface and pick up an old toothbrush to remove the dirt.

To clean the windows


  • Use a window cleaning spray and paper towels.
  • Spray the product and then work around in circular motion to get rid of all the dirt particles.
  • Complete the cleaning process by working on both sides of the windows.

Oh! Now that you’re done with cleaning the interiors, don’t forget to keep an air freshener to preserve the freshness. Pat yourself for a job well done. Your car is now ready to shine!