How to Care for your Car during the Lockdown

As India remains under lockdown to combat the coronavirus pandemic, all of us are confined to our homes. Staying at home means that our cars aren’t heading out either. This raises a few concerns as a car left unattended for extended periods of time (like a 21-day lockdown) could lead to the car falling into disrepair. However, your car doesn’t need to be neglected.

Here are our car care tips to maintain your car during the lockdown:

Start your Car

Your car actually doesn’t need much to stay in shape. Simply starting your car and leaving it on idle is enough to keep the battery charged. While idling, you can use the time to run your AC to ensure the vents remain free of dust. You only need to do this once every three days at least to ensure your car’s battery remains charged.

Avoid Handbrake

Normally, when we park, our habit is to engage the handbrake. However, keeping the handbrake engaged for a long period of time could lead to the brake pads sticking the brake disc or brake drum. Sticking brakes are a driving hazard and should be avoided. Instead keep the car in first gear and use wheel chocks or blocks to stop the car rolling.

Keep Fuel in the Tank

A full tank of fuel will keep the fuel tank from rusting from within. A rusted fuel tank will introduce impurities in the fuel which can damage your engine. A full tank will prevent moisture from entering the tank and keep it rust-free

Check the Battery

The battery will discharge while the car remains parked. The best way to preserve the battery is by disconnecting it from the battery terminals. If you don’t want to disconnect, you will need to charge the battery by starting your car regularly. Also make sure to check the battery terminals to clean it of any residue.

Clean Interiors

Completely clean the car’s interiors of all trash and food items as this could cause fungus or mould to grow. Deep clean the interior to keep it fresh while it remains parked.

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Maintain Tyres

The car’s weight rests on the tyres while it remains parked. If the car doesn’t move, the tyres could develop flat spots. The simplest way to prevent this is by moving the car slightly to keep the tyres rotating. Ensure the tyres are inflated at the right pressure if you notice low tyre pressures.

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Check the Engine Bay

The enclosed space of your car’s engine bay can be accessed by small animals, who may choose to make it their home. Regularly check the engine for small animals that may have taken residence inside. Check the wiring and tubes for signs of chewing to ensure no animal is inside.

Cover the Car

If possible, park your car under a sheltered parking to prevent leaves and other debris from falling on your car. If a sheltered parking is not available, park the car under the open sky rather than under a tree to safeguard it from falling leaves and twigs. For further protection, a covering your car with a car cover will keep it free of dust and debris.

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