5 Hatchbacks with Best Interiors 2015

Nowadays we consider every tiny detail while buying a car. From aesthetics to the engine, style to tires, finish & especially the Interiors; considering we spend most of the time inside. Based on sophistication, value, comfort, and design harmony, check out these Hatchbacks with Best Interiors in 2015.

1. Jazzy Interiors of Honda JazzJazz Full Interiors Spinny

Honda has given the Jazz a second chance and this time they haven’t fooled around .The New Honda Jazz comes fully packed with an advanced driver interface, automatic air conditioning and a touch screen control panel, which features a touchscreen LCD display as well. The interiors come in beige and black tones. Both the choices look fab, but between you and me, black is easier to keep clean. There are plenty storage places for little things. To add to that, it has hands-free phone controls on the wheel, for being in touch while on the go. The seats are super comfortable and can be adjusted all the way for lying down when travelling long distances. You can also adjust the seats in various permutations and splits as per requirement. The cabin is  super spacious with lots of leg space and head room. So if you’re looking for a business class cabin experience, Jazz is the car.Jazz Interior Dashboard Spinny

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2. Elite i20 Interiorsi20 Elite Interiors Spinny

The  i20 Elite is another of the fine hatchbacks in the Indian market. Once you’re inside the i20, it does make you feel elite. The two toned colouring of the dashboard and the seats give the interiors a nice finish along with the impressive layout of the layered dashboard and other equipment. The car offers a lot of room to its passengers, in addition to the adjustable headrests and front arm console.This car also scores high on storage places for knick-knacks and all the little things we tend to lose. Like the Jazz, this also has steering mounted controls for your phone & music system making it all the more convenient. Whats more, the music system comes with 1 GB inbuilt memory. Although all variants have the upmarket feel, we recommend you go for the top spec Asta version.i20 Elite Interior Dashboard Spinny

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3. The Stunning Maruti Celerio InteriorsCelerio Full Interiors Spinny

Maruti has done it again with the recent Celerio hitting the market. The interiors are simple but the mature styling gives it an edge. The dual tone dash with the layered effect makes it look more charming. The car is quite spacious with enough head room and adequate knee room at the back seats as well. It doesn’t feel tight even if 3 people sit abreast. The seats are comfortable and firm, providing adequate support. The features vary from variant to variant but it has Bluetooth connectivity, steering mounted controls in all of them.Celerio Interior Dashboard

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4. The Funky Interiors of Chevrolet BeatHatchback Beat Interiors Spinny

The Chevrolet Beat is the funkiest hatchback when it comes to its design and features. The interiors look quirky with the black toned dashboard, silver accents along  the center console and  the steering. The race-inspired instrument cluster turns the car into a sporty machine. The seats with blue interior illumination are cool and quite comfortable. The Beat is smaller than its counterparts and slackens a little bit on space. The passengers in the back might get a bit crammed in case the car is loaded to full capacity.  Features like air conditioning are manual and the music system can be controlled from the steering mounted controls. If you’re very keen on a sporty car for yourself, the Beat is just right for you.

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5. The Bold Tata Bolt InteriorsBolt Full Interiors Spinny

Tata’s new Bolt is a breath of fresh air from the company. This hatchback is quite an update over Tata’s previous offerings and comes loaded with new features. The java black dashboard with silver accents along the center console and the steering keeps it simple yet snazzy. The Harman infotainment system is the highlight, complimented by the automatic AC and other goodies. The rugby shoulder seats are wide, comfortable and gives better support to the passengers. There’s a lot of cabin space which makes the experience way better. With this hatchback, Tata is absolutely ready to Bolt to the front.Bolt Interior Dashboard Spinny

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