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Executive Cars in India: Features to look for

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The growing aspirations of Indian consumers have led to the demand for executive sedan cars to increase. These executive sedan cars offer the next upgrade step for car owners to drive a more comfortable and premium car.

Executive cars are defined as five-seater sedans that are 4,700-5,000 mm in length and in the Rs 11-19-lakh price band. Executive cars are slightly larger than usual family cars and have a combination of affordability as well as luxury. As much as SUVs have gained immense popularity in India, sedans still remain attractive choices. These cars have good fuel economy along with powerful engines to provide an all-round performance package.

Definitely, there are a lot more reasons as well as features to define and buy an executive car. If you plan on buying your next executive sedan car in India then here is a detailed guide on the features that one should look for in your next executive car.

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Honda Civic

Executive sedans offer a higher band of performance than their hatchback or compact sedan counterparts. These sedans are usually equipped with engines with displacements of more than 1.5 liter and go up to 2.0-litre engines. The bigger engines offer more power that offers more acceleration and top speed. They extract the maximum from its engine to unleash the real fun drive.

For example, Honda Civic is a popular executive sedan, equipped with 2-litre engine, offering performance, superior power as well as fuel efficiency due to its powerful engine. All of it makes it a road warrior with its swift performance on the roads. Executive sedan cars are the best options in mid-range with best pickups and seamless gear shift to smoothen your drive.

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Driving Dynamics

Driving Dynamics

The mid-size executive cars stand out from their compact or hatchback counterparts because of their automatic transmission as well as stability. The powerful engines in sedans are mated to automatic transmissions offering excellent driving performance. As the name suggests, these transmissions make driving a convenient experience by removing the effort of shifting gears yourself. The automatic transmission is especially efficient in bumper to bumper congested traffic in cities, where a manual transmission-equipped vehicle’s driver needs to constantly move the gears.

Furthermore, executive sedans are equipped with the latest stability systems to ensure control on all road conditions. These cars have an electronic stability program as well as the right tires and suspension to maintain traction. This helps in noticing as well as maintaining control long before you lose it and keeps you safe at all times.

These high-end features have trickled down to more affordable executive sedans in India like Hyundai Verna, Skoda Rapid, and Volkswagen Vento. These days it doesn’t cost much to begin owning an executive sedan car in India.

Comfort and Features

Comfort and Features

Executive sedan cars are designed keeping in mind the comfort, safety and power that an aspiring consumer looks for in their sedans. With sharp exteriors, executive sedans have softer, more comfortable interiors. The extensive use of premium materials and a higher quality of finish, make the interiors a place of personal comfort.

Along with this, these cars are developed keeping in mind the comfort of its passengers. The ample amount of legroom, shoulder room as well as headroom make the comfort level higher. This helps in preventing contorting the body into unhealthy positions so as to accommodate in the car. The additional space in the cabin provides a more relaxed driving and commuting experience. Certain features such as automated climate control and tuned audio systems add an extra element of comfort for passengers.

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Sedans have always been the car people aspire to own. Executive sedans like the Toyota Corolla and the Skoda Octavia established the luxurious and premium aesthetics to people who aspired to get more from their cars. The attraction of a well-designed, spacious interior, more powerful engine options and comfortable handling characteristics continue to hold true even as SUVs and premium hatchbacks encroach into this segment.

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