Disappearing Car Door

Technology makes everything easier. So easy in fact, that there is now a better and smoother way to get in and out of cars. The technology had debuted in 2007 but very few people actually know that this wonderful tech exists in the real world.

A California-based company Jatech LLC is bringing an innovative change to the automobile industry by modifying the car doors into retractable doors. To ensure that the car is manufactured to the highest quality, reliability and safety standards, they have tied up with the most experienced coach builders in the US and Europe. The disappearing doors allow passengers to get in and out of the car in a breeze, allow better access to passengers in the event of serious accidents, and  uses less parking space. The only disadvantage that I can see with this technology is getting completely drenched during torrential rains when the door opens.

See for yourself how this amazing technology works:

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