Vivek’s Spinny for Paw-fect Festivities

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The days leading up to Diwali are a time of celebrating festivities with your entire family. It’s a week of jovial celebration like no other.

So how do you make the Diwali celebrations even more special? That’s exactly the question Vivek Soni, a product manager in Delhi, asked himself in the days before Diwali. For him, it was the opportune time to upgrade the family car to something more comfortable and spacious for his parents.

A Car for the Family

For the last 6 years, Vivek’s family car has been a Maruti Suzuki Alto that served him and his family well. While the Alto was a very capable car, it was starting to feel a little too compact for Vivek’s family and his new dog, Max.

“As a family, we all love going on road trips, but the Alto is starting to get a little cramped.

After playing with the thought of buying his own car for a couple of years, Vivek decided that 2020 would be the year his family would welcome a car to their family. His needs were simple. A car that would be comfortable for his parents while also having the space to comfortably travel with Max on-board. This narrowed his choices down to finding the perfect pre-owned 7 seater car.

Celebrations in 72 Hours

With his car of choice in mind, Vivek took advantage of a virtual test drive with Spinny360 before scheduling a test drive. Vivek had scheduled 4 tests drives over the next few days but once he took a test drive of the Spinny Assured Honda Mobilio, his heart was set. He was particularly impressed by the Mobilio’s performance and handling while still offering plenty of space inside.

“My parents are really happy and I’m just as happy that Spinny was able to deliver our car in such a short time.”

Vivek scheduled a second test drive, this time at his home, so his parents could experience the car that would join their family. With his parents’ approval, Vivek booked his Honda Mobilio and scheduled the delivery of his car for the very next day, in time for the Dhanteras celebrations at home.

Max is ready to head out for a drive

Having celebrated festivities by welcoming a new car into the family, Vivek is now looking forward to heading out on long road trips with his family and friends in the near future. “Until it’s safer to head out, Max and I will be heading out on many evening drives in the Mobilio,” says Vivek.

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