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Love means different things to different people. Love could be driving early in the morning to catch the sunrise. Or it could be enjoying a quiet drive with your best (pet) friend. There is no other day where we see the most overt celebration of love than Valentine’s Day.

For us at Spinny, love is all about celebrating Car Joy every day. Seeing the excitement and delight of the people who buy Spinny Assured cars is an experience we cherish every time. For Valentine’s Day this year, two couples chose to celebrate their day of love with a gift to remember.

Kavita’s Lovely Surprise

Valentine’s Day is day to surprise your loved one with a gift you know they will appreciate for years to come. This is the story of how Kavita decided to surprise her husband, Surinder, with a car they had been looking to buy for quite some time.

Kavita reached out to Spinny to help her find a quality SUV for her husband. She was looking for a car that would have real road presence while also being easy to drive in the city. Her search with Spinny narrowed it down to a Spinny Assured Hyundai Creta.

“My plan to give my husband a surprise was made even better with the car’s home delivery on Valentine’s Day”


“What’s really great about Spinny, is that they take the time to explain everything to you. My husband is more knowledgeable about cars, but even he was impressed that I was able to buy such a beautiful car for him,” shares Kavita about her experience with Spinny.

Arun’s 10-Year Anniversary Gift

The pandemic in 2020 proved to be a spoilsport for many, including Arun. Arun and his wife Neha celebrated the 10th anniversary of their marriage in 2020. Unfortunately for Arun, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented him from giving his wife a good gift.

This year, Arun decided to go big and gift his wife a car for their anniversary. With the car being exclusively for Neha, Arun wanted to gift a car that is as lively and colourful as her. This was an easy task as he had plenty of choices to choose from at Spinny and finally settled on a Spinny Assured Hyundai Elite i20 for his wife.

“I was expecting chocolates or a bouquet but didn’t even dream that he would gift me a car”


“I was genuinely impressed with how professional the Spinny team is. There was no pressure and no unnecessary bargaining during the entire process,” said Arun of his entire experience with Spinny.

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