Sunil’s Spinny Upgrade to an Automatic

As our family grows and matures, our needs and requirements in life grow and change as well. The cars we own become a part of this change and we often upgrade to bigger and better cars.

Upgrading to a car for the family needs to factor the new requirements of the family as well as certain lifestyle changes that you want to bring in your life. Sunil, VP of marketing and communications at a company in Bangalore, wanted to completely change the way he drove.

Season of Change

Sunil’s daily commute in Bangalore involves routes that are regularly congested with heavy traffic. While the Volkswagen Polo he owned provided ample performance on the roads of Bangalore, the manual transmission was proving to be a chore. Sunil’s children were also starting to outgrow the Polo, which meant he was in the market for a larger family car as well.

“With the uncertainty of the pandemic, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money buying a new car.”

Sunil was looking to buy a larger automatic sedan that would make his commutes more convenient while also being able to accommodate his family. He ruled out buying a brand new automatic car because of the generally high prices they are sold for. “It made more financial sense to buy a used automatic sedan with premium features rather than compromise with a new car,” explained Sunil.

A Lasting Impression

In his search for his next family car, Sunil looked through several online websites to find his car. “I didn’t want to visit a used car dealer for my needs as I wanted to buy from a trusted name in the used car market,” Sunil elaborated, “I tried other online platforms, but Spinny was the only one that impressed me with their service.”

“Spinny left a lasting first impression with their transparency and quality of cars.”

Having owned a Volkswagen Polo, Sunil was looking for a car with similar reliability and build quality. He decided to test drive the automatic Volkswagen Vento. The larger sedan and the automatic transmission met Sunil’s criteria exactly.

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Sunil finally decided to go with a pre-owned Spinny Assured Volkswagen Vento Highline AT. The more spacious interiors provide ample space for Sunil’s family while the automatic transmission has made life more relaxed for Sunil on the congested Bangalore roads. “The shift to an automatic transmission has been the biggest adjustment for me,” Sunil says.

“After years with a manual transmission, not having to shift gears is a breath of fresh air.”

Spinny Assured White Volkswagen Vento
Sunil’s Volkswagen Vento AT

“Spinny and their service has left a strong impression on me,” Sunil adds, “Every problem was taken care of and the car was delivered directly to my home. I don’t think many new car showrooms can match this level of service.” Sunil was so impressed with the service, a few of his friends have also bought cars from Spinny on his recommendation.

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