Manav’s Informed Spinny Upgrade

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As we move forward in life, we like to ensure all aspects of our lives moves forward with us. We want the cars we own to reflect our progress as well.

Many of us celebrate the start of a new chapter by upgrading the car we drive to one we have always aspired to drive. Manav Arya, a video game producer based in Gurgaon, was looking to upgrade his current daily driver to match his stature.

For the Daily Drive

While the coronavirus pandemic brought everything to a virtual standstill, Manav didn’t want to delay his upgrade. While buying a new car was an option, Manav felt that he would be able to get more value by buying a used car.

“I wanted to upgrade to a car that was larger than life while still giving me the most bang for my buck”.

Manav had a particular segment in mind when he started his search for a used car. With his growing stature, Manav was interested in finding an SUV with an imposing road presence. An SUV that would be perfect for his daily commutes as well as the short weekend getaways with his wife and dog.

Informed Attraction

With limited movement allowed during the lockdown, Manav went through several online platforms to find his pre-owned SUV. As a programmer and designer himself, Manav was instantly impressed with the information he found on Spinny.

“On Spinny, any information about the cars I needed, I was able to find instantly and easily without much hassle”.

Manav’s search for an imposing SUV ended with a pair of used Jeep Compass cars. Being in the NCR region, he was able to schedule a test drive at his home for both cars and evaluate the cars to his satisfaction along with his wife.

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Spinny Assured Jeep Compass

Spinny’s convenient home delivery of their car and the almost brand new condition of the Jeep Compass impressed Manav and his wife. “My wife and I finally decided to take delivery of this white Jeep Compass,” adds Manav, “So far we’re loving everything about our larger than life car”.

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