A Scientist’s Spinny for Safety

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We all look for a car that can meet our demands and needs specifically when we buy a car for our family. In the new normal of staying safe during the pandemic, these demands have shifted towards a more hygienic experience.

For Anu Bala, a scientist with ICMR in Delhi, prioritized hygiene and safety in her considerations for buying a car. With the safety of her family on her mind, she set out to find a car for her family.

Freedom of Personal Mobility

As a scientist for ICMR, Anu was well aware of the dangers of the pandemic With the safety of her husband, Onkar, and young son in mind, the necessity for a hygienic and safe way to commute became more and more pressing.

“I could not compromise on my family’s safety by travelling in cabs and public transportation.”

“With the danger of the pandemic, the best way to stay safe is to ensure complete sterilization,” added Anu. For the couple, owning their own car was the best way to make sure there was no uncertainty with a sterilized environment. With regular visits to their family in Amritsar, the car would provide additional peace of mind and security on the long distance journeys.

Confidence in their Choice

Safety, security and peace of mind being the primary motivators for Anu and Onkar, they ventured into the used car market to find a car for their family. While there were plenty of options to choose from, the couple were not able to confidently choose a car. Whether it was doubts about the car’s condition or the hygiene standards, their search was proving to be unfruitful.

“Their responsive and cooperative staff made us feel extremely confident in the car we were buying.”

With Spinny, their expectations and experience completely changed for the positive. “We felt like we were in safe hands with Spinny,” shares Anu, “other dealers could not convince us, but with Spinny it was effortless.” The couple shared their exact requirements with Spinny’s executives and soon enough, they were sorting through the options for their next car purchase.

Onkar Bala with his son and Spinny Assured Maruti WagonR
Onkar Bala with his son and Spinny Assured Maruti WagonR

Anu was further impressed by the sanitization procedures in place at Spinny. In her comparison with other services, she says that “the executives at Spinny were incredibly thorough in ensuring the car was safe for us during the test drive and at the time of delivery.”

For their family car, Anu and Onkar were looking for a reliable and spacious family hatchback. Their search with Spinny brought them to a Spinny Assured 2015 Maruti Suzuki WagonR. “After 2 months of owning our car, there has been no problem since we took delivery and it’s running like it’s new,” says Anu.

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