Creative Road Safety Adverts

When it comes to roads, our first concern is safety. Each year 1 million people die due to road accidents all over the world and India contributes nearly a quarter to that figure with 238562 Indians dying each year! It’s scary how a regular activity necessity can cause that many deaths. There have been hundreds of campaigns and a million minds have brainstormed ideas to reduce the number down to a minimum. Below are some creative road safety adverts that will get the message straight to you.

1. Traffic rules are there for a REASON.



2. Keep your hands on the steering wheel.


3.  It’s NOT OKAY to Drink and Drive.


4. Sleep is much needed. You are not a ROBOT.


5. Get GLOWING. Use reflectors.



6. Pull over before you take a call.



7. The faster you go, the faster you will get THERE! ( Better late than Never, my friend.)



8. Slow Down when driving through residential areas.



9. Look where you are going. Check before you cross the road.



10. Seat Belts are for EVERYONE. Belt up for Life.