Comparison Skoda Slavia vs Honda City

Comparison: Skoda Slavia vs Honda City

When it comes to sedans there is only one thing on mind and that is comfort. Sedans are built for comfort, their long wheelbase lets you stretch out your legs for miles and miles of roads. In India the midsize sedan segment has been dominated by the Honda City – an executive sedan. The City is into its 5th generation model now and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Recently though there is a new contender in town and its name is Slavia, Skoda Slavia! Will the Czech debutant be able to prove its mettle against the Japanese sensei? Let the comparison Skoda Slavia vs Honda City begin!

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Skoda Slavia Vs Honda City: Dimensions

Volkswagen Virtus

Honda City


4,541 mm

4,549 mm


1,752 mm

1,748 mm


1,487 mm

1,489 mm


2,651 mm

2,600 mm

Boot Space

521 litres

506 litres

Ground Clearance

179 mm

165 mm

While the Honda City has an upper hand when it comes to length and height, the Slavia emerges victorious with more width, wheelbase and boot space. More width on the Slavia translates into better shoulder room for rear passengers, meaning that the Slavia can seat three abreast without hassle. A longer wheelbase on the Slavia means that more legroom for passengers and drivers, implying that the Slavia could be more comfortable than the City. Though not much difference can be seen in the height, the City is the taller of the two and a taller vehicle has more headroom. Boot space is also a deciding factor and clearly this space goes to the spacious boot of the Slavia.

Skoda Slavia Vs Honda City: Features

Skoda Slavia

Honda City

Infotainment system

10-inch touchscreen infotainment system

8-inch touchscreen infotainment system

Wireless charger



Ventilated front seats



Connected car tech



Automatic Climate Control with rear vents



Digital instrument cluster



Music system

8 speaker sound system with a subwoofer

8 speaker sound system

Push button engine start



Paddle shifters



Ambient lighting



Tilt / Telescopic steering adjust






In the features category the Skoda Slavia overtakes the Honda City with the provision of a wireless charger, ventilated seats and a 9-speaker sound system. A wireless charger has become a norm for most of the premium cars today and the Slavia ticks this box. While  AC vents in the front do keep the driver cool, having ventilated seats to keep your back cool and dry is much needed while driving in Indian summers, and this is where the Slavia scores full marks. Lastly, Skoda went the extra mile for entertainment and included a subwoofer to its 8 speaker sound system getting a landslide victory in the features race.

Skoda Slavia Vs Honda City: Safety Features

Skoda Slavia

Honda City

Front parking sensors



Rear parking sensors




2 airbags as standard

Up to six airbags

4 airbags as standard

Up to six airbags




Parking camera



Traction control



Cruise control



Auto headlamps/ Rain sensing Wipers

Yes / Yes

Yes / No

Tyre pressure monitor



In the safety segment as well the Skoda Slavia has given equal competition everywhere. However, the Honda City pulls ahead with its 4 standard airbags compared to the Slavia’s 2 airbags. The Honda City also comes with a lane watch camera that shows if there is an oncoming vehicle on the turning side and whether the driver has given a signal or not. Overall, both vehicles have a good build quality, but the Honda City wins the safety race.

Skoda Slavia Vs Honda City: Engine and Performance

Skoda Slavia

Honda City


1.0L turbo petrol engine

1.5L turbo petrol engine

1.5L petrol engine

1.5L diesel engine


115 HP

150 HP

119 HP

99 HP


175 Nm

250 Nm

145 Nm

200 Nm


6-speed manual as standard

6-speed torque converter automatic for 1.0L petrol

7-speed DSG automatic for 1.5L petrol

6-speed manual as standard

7-step CVT for petrol engine


18.07 – 19.47 km/l

17.8 – 18.4 km/l for petrol

24.1 km/l for diesel

A diesel powertrain is missing on the Slavia, but to compensate for that it also gives the option of a powerful 1.5 liter turbo petrol engine that has more torque than the City’s diesel engine. To drive that power to the wheels, the Slavia comes with the option of a 6-speed manual transmission as standard, a 6-speed torque converter for the automatic variant of the 1.0 liter powertrain. The 1.5 liter engine, however, receives a DSG transmission that is quick, smooth and efficient than the Honda’s CVT. Honda’s petrol and diesel engines have long reigned the segment and are some of the best performing and reliable engines to be seen. The City’s diesel engine clearly takes a giant lead in efficiency, however, the Slavia also seems promising with two petrol engines and the option of DSG transmission.

Skoda Slavia Vs Honda City: Price

Skoda Slavia

Honda City

Base Variant (Ex-Showroom)

₹ 10.69 – 13.59 lakh

₹ 11.23 – 12.83 lakh

Mid Variant (Ex-Showroom)

₹ 13.59 – 15.39 lakh

₹ 13.68 – 14.19 lakh

Top Variant (Ex-Showroom)

₹ 16.19 – 17.79 lakh

₹ 14.98 – 15.18 lakh

Upon price comparison the Skoda Slavia will give the Honda City some serious competition. Competitively priced, the Slavia has a bold grip on the entry-level section. However, as we climb up we will notice that Slavia becomes more expensive than the City. This is due to the features the Slavia offers over the Honda City. However, the greatest advantage that the City possesses is a diesel engine. 

The Skoda Slavia is high on features, space and comfort and will definitely upset other major players in the midsize sedan segment. The only bone of contention that might not work in its favor is the lack of a diesel engine, which limits its appeal to long-distance drivers. This along with Honda City’s safety package is where the City outscores the Slavia.


Which is a better buy – Skoda Slavia or Honda City?

Nothing much can be said about the Slavia as it has been recently launched, that being said the Slavia does look promising. The Honda City with its grip on the market space is here to stay.

What's the cost of the Skoda Slavia?

Prices for the Slavia start at Rs.10.69 lakhs ex-showroom and go up to 17.49 lakhs ex-showroom.

Which car is the bigger of the two – the Skoda Slavia or the Honda City?

The Skoda Slavia with a good width of 1752 mm and long wheelbase of 2651 mm is bigger than the Honda city. Additionally the Slavia also has a bigger boot than the City.

Which car is more powerful, Skoda Slavia or Honda City?

The 1.5 liter variant of the Skoda Slavia churns 150 hp and 250 Nm of torque making it the most powerful sedan in its class.

Which is the safer car, Skoda Slavia or Honda City?

While both cars are safe, the Honda City with 4 airbags as standard and a lane departure camera gets an edge over the Skoda Slavia.

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