Petrol vs Diesel: Performance Compared

The age old debate of which is better has had experts clashing horns since the inception of cars. Here are our thoughts on the situation. Petrol vs Diesel : Performance Compared Diesel engines are generally heavier than their petrol counterparts making them slower. The compression ratio of diesel engines is much higher than petrol engines …

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Disappearing Car Door

Technology makes everything easier. So easy in fact, that there is now a better and smoother way to get in and out of cars. The technology had debuted in 2007 but very few people actually know that this wonderful tech exists in the real world. A California-based company Jatech LLC is bringing an innovative change to …

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Trucks Go Green

If you thought that those large diesel-consuming, smoke spewing cargo trucks would be the last of the automobiles to get converted to renewable sources of energy. Well, it seems the days of the fossil fuel burning trucks are also numbered, as Dutch manufacturer Terberg has developed a 40-ton electric truck for material transport. The best part …

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