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Buy Cars Direct in Gurgaon & Delhi from Spinny

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Buy Cars Direct in Gurgaon & Delhi from Spinny

Planning to buy a second hand car but worried about all the hassles around meeting individuals to test driving their car or worried about unfair methodologies of neighborhood dealers?

Now, you can put aside all these concerns and buy Cars Direct in Gurgaon & Delhi from Spinny.

Why you should buy Cars Direct from Spinny


1. High Sourcing Standards: Spinny presents only highest quality cars for its prospective buyers. Every car is thoroughly inspected on more than 200 points by in house expert inspectors with minimum 8 years of relevant working experience. Car is sourced by Spinny only if it passes the inspection test with flying colors. Other than quality check for condition of the car, following checks are also performed:

  • Service History
  • Accidental History
  • Bank Loan NOC
  • Complete Ownership Papers
  • Insurance Papers


2. Highest Quality Cars: You can conveniently assume following virtues about a car which passes Spinny’s sourcing inspection test:

  • It has not been in any major accident
  • It is not run more than 75,000 KMs
  • It’s meter is not tampered with
  • Car is in excellent condition
  • All Ownership papers are in place and the car has a clean history

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3. More benefits: Spinny Assured- Every Spinny direct car is a Spinny Assured Car and comes with:

  • 5-Day Money-Back guarantee
  • Free Service Warranty
  • Completely Filled Fuel Tank at the time of Delivery
  • 200-Point Detailed Inspection Report in Agreement Format

shield guarantee gasoline




4. Simple and Transparent Transaction Process

simple transaction

5. Large Collection of Cars from both Delhi and Gurgaon

6. All other auxiliary services, like car loan/paper transfer/insurance renewal etc, under the same roof.

You can buy Cars Direct in Gurgaon, Delhi & Noida from Spinny. Here are respective city wise inventory listing links:

  1. Spinny Assured Used Cars in Delhi
  2. Spinny Assured Used Cars in Gurgaon
  3. Spinny Assured Used Cars in Noida


Visit Spinny’s Gurgaon Car Hub Here:   Shop 5-6, Ground Floor, Plaza Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon – 122002

Visit Spinny’s Delhi Car Hub Here:   Unit 44, Ground Floor, Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar, Delhi – 110015

Now you know how to buy Direct Cars in Gurgaon & Delhi.

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