Best Cars for Executives

Best Used Cars for Executives in India

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Executives in India demand a certain sophistication and performance from their cars. This can’t always be fulfilled by the hatchbacks and compact sedans that make up most of the Indian new and used car market. This is where executive sedans come in. New executive sedans are usually found starting from 10 lakhs and going up to the 30 lakhs mark, which is also where the lower end of the luxury segment begins.

To justify the higher price, executive sedans offer more comfort and performance than their counterparts in the lower segments. This includes more powerful engines, more premium interiors, and more sophisticated exteriors. The higher quality does tend to push the prices of these cars much higher than many can afford.

Meanwhile, the used car market provides great value when it comes to pre-owned executive sedans in India. For those looking for a premium driving experience at a fraction of the cost, will find many options in the used car market that can accommodate the needs of executives in India. The used executive sedan cars below are economical as well as practical enough to be driven for everyday use. Their feature set does vary but if found in the used car market in India, they’re very hard to ignore.

The eight best used executive cars in India are curated in the list below.

1. Audi A4

Audi A4

The Audi A4 is a benchmark in the premium executive sedan segment. The A4 comes equipped with numerous premium features like a tech-focused instrument cluster, premium materials in the interior and powerful diesel and petrol engine options that compliment the tuned handling of the A4. These features are all present on used Audi A4 cars available in India and every model is smartly dressed with Audi’s cool, understated styling, which looks simple and never goes outdated.

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A new Audi A4 starts from Rs. 41.5 Lakhs. However, a pre-owned Audi A4 can be found for as low as 11 lakhs.

2. Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia brings the perfect balance of performance and sophistication which makes it the ideal choice for those looking to move up from other sedans. The sharp, angular profile of the exterior makes it ideal for business environments while the performance under the hood will makes sure there’s plenty of speed for the enthusiast. This is the car that has been designed for executives and the same is true for used Skoda Octavia cars that are available for a much lower price than a new Skoda Octavia.

A new Skoda Octavia was available at Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 23 lakhs. However, a pre-owned Skoda Octavia starts from as low as Rs. 6 lakhs.

3. Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta has a premium and a clean design which uses the MQB platform, also used by Skoda Octavia. The Jetta is a sharp and sleek executive car, the Jetta might not have an aggressive and a strong stance; however, it has got the presence of a premium looking car. The Volkswagen Jetta has luxurious interiors with jet black finished centre console along with the black and white instrument display. Used Volkswagen Jetta cars offer all the luxuries of the new car.

A new Volkswagen Jetta has priced between Rs 14.77 Lakh – Rs 20.89 Lakh. However, a pre-owned Jetta is available for prices starting from Rs. 7 lakhs.

4. Honda City

Honda City

The Honda City is an executive sedan offered by the Japanese carmaker. The Japanese sedan brought executive sedan at a more affordable price point. The City offers premium features like a sunroof and leather interiors that have established the sedan as a mainstay in the Indian market for years. The selling point for the car is its cabin space and a sense of luxury for its executive users that is available at a lower price in used Honda City cars.

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A new Honda City is priced between Rs. 9.91 Lakhs to Rs. 14.7 Lakhs. However, a second-hand, good condition Honda City is priced between Rs. 4.1 Lakhs to Rs. 8.9 Lakhs.

5. Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid

The Skoda Rapid forms the entry point for many executives in India to owning an executive sedan. The angular headlamps to butterfly front grille scream aggressiveness. On the features, the new Rapid is equipped with the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system which can be connected via Aux-in, USB and Bluetooth. The Rapid also features good storage facilities and a cooled glovebox. Used Skoda Rapid offers excellent value for those looking to step into owning an executive sedan.

A new Skoda Rapid has priced between Rs 8.28 Lakh to Rs 12.67 Lakhs. However, a pre-owned Skoda Rapid is priced between Rs. 5.5 Lakhs to Rs. 9.1 Lakhs.

6. Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry Hybrid redefines excellence within the executive sedan class. It promises to offer a luxurious, efficient and powerful driving experience. All thanks to its unmatched engineering. The new model boasts a sharp design language that looks futuristic. Despite its size, the car has been crafted to be rather proportionate and its low wide stance gives it a sporty touch as well. The comfort level of this automobile is the best in its segment. The interior has been crafted from the finest materials and gives a smooth ride to its users.

A new Toyota Camry has a starting price of Rs. 37.9 Lakhs. However, a pre-owned Camry has a starting price of Rs. 12.4 Lakhs.

7. Toyota Corolla Atlis

Toyota Corolla Atlis

Toyota Corolla Altis is an executive sedan powered by a diesel engine and petrol engine, which are mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. In terms of safety, all variants come with ABS with EBD, dual front, brake assist and driver knee airbags as standard across all its trims. Upper variants also have impact sensing fuel cut off, vehicle stability management and clutch start system. The exterior has a resemblance to its more expensive sibling, the Camry Hybrid. 

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A new Toyota Corolla Atlis starts at Rs. 16.46 Lakhs and goes up to Rs. 20.2 Lakhs. However, a pre-owned Corolla has a starting price of Rs. 9.06 Lakhs.

8. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz


Maruti Ciaz is essentially the most spacious sedan that one can buy in India at a reasonable price. The Ciaz is a very sorted product, which can be proved on both the inside as well as the outside head-on. The Maruti Ciaz is available in many different variants meeting the various buyers’ budgets and also the requirements. Over and above, it must be the most fuel economical models of the lot.

A new Ciaz is priced between Rs. 8.32 Lakhs to Rs. 11.1 Lakhs. However, a pre-owned Ciaz is priced between Rs. 5.8 Lakhs to Rs. 9.2 Lakhs.



The executive sedan exuberate the need for premium yet strong, the above line-up is a mix of both comfort, feature-loaded and affordability. Car manufacturers will go on upgrading the segment with new features and technology, this will only get better for the buyers.

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