best cars for college students

Best Cars for College Students

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College time fills vibrant colours in one’s journey of life. Leeway from schedules, ample time at hand and a close group of friends – this is undoubtedly a perfect recipe to have some fun. But for the fun to continue uninterrupted, you might need a car. Having your own car in college eases daily commute but with time also becomes your style statement. There is a famous saying in the automobile world – The car you drive defines your standing in society! As a result, it is extremely important to select a car that suits your personality and needs, something that you can boast of as well.

Choosing a car that fits your needs right along with complementing your style statement is a tedious task. Numerous cars might fit your need but might not just fit your pocket right. So, here are some affordable cars that are ideal for college students and will be easy for your pocket while also being your joyride during the time (after your lectures, that is):

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Suzuki Swift is a perfect car for college students if they are looking for more driving fun than a regular hatchback. Maruti offers the Swift in petrol and diesel models returning an economical mileage of 20.4km/l for the petrol and 25.2km/l for the diesel unit. Thus, making it the most economical hatchback for college students. Furthermore, if you are planning for a college trip with your friends then definitely Swift is the best option for it can accommodate all the necessary luggage for the trip. Apart from a spacious trunk, it also features a spacious glove box for holding vehicle documents and much more.

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A new Swift has a starting price of Rs 5.19 Lakhs, whereas a pre-owned Swift is priced from Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 5 Lakhs.

Hyundai Elite i20

Grey Hyundai Elite i20 front

The Hyundai Elite i20 is amongst the most preferred premium hatchbacks among college students. It is the best luxury car at an affordable price. It’ has a solid performance and a lot of features such as projector headlamps, touch screen infotainment system, cosmetic enhancements, fluidic design at this price. The looks and design of the car can easily sway people and help you in establishing your style statement in the college.

A new elite i20 starts from 5.59 lakhs to 9.2 lakhs. However, a pre-owned car starts from 4 lakhs and goes up to 6.7 lakhs.

Maruti Suzuki Alto

Maruti Suzuki Alto

With affordability being one of the key consideration points for consumers reading this story, Maruti Suzuki Alto can’t be left behind. The Alto is a star performer in this segment and is priced at just 3 lakhs, making it a value for money and safe car since it also offers driver-side airbag. Power comes from a 1.0L petrol engine generating 67hp & 90Nm of torque. This makes it easy to negotiate city traffic as well as highway speeds with relative ease. If you are looking for a car to fit your budget right during your college days, then this car can’t be overlooked.

For a pre-owned alto, prices start from 2 lakhs- 3lakhs only.

Tata Tiago

Blue Tata Tiago

Tata Tiago is quite a pleasant long-termer which will stay with you right from your college time to multiple more years with any major hiccups. The city runabout of the car has won a lot of praises due to its looks and good fuel economy, making it totally apt for your college rides. A textured dashboard, piano black trim on the centre console, power mirrors, this top-spec Tiago has it all. Also, there’s the LED cabin light, something you won’t see in many mass-market cars. The supple ride, top-quality interior and sound system make it apt for your next car ride with your friends, makes it a trustable companion during your college days.

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An all-new Tata Tiago is priced at Rs5.7 Lakhs- Rs 5.99 Lakhs, whereas a pre-owned Tata Tiago starts from Rs 4 Lakhs.

Renault Kwid

Blue Renault Kwid side profile

This car is one of the best options for student drivers with a focus on affordability and ease of maintenance. This compact car not only has an average mileage of 25.17 kmpl, but also has a 28-litre fuel tank and 5-speed manual transmission making it feasible for your college days. Along with this, it is also available in 5 different colours so as to complement your style statement in college. It also has ample boot space for your next trip with your friends.

A new Renault Kwid STD starts from Rs. 2.92 Lakhs. A pre-owned Renault Kwid STD has priced at Rs. 2.2 Lakhs- Rs. 3.1 Lakhs.

Honda Brio

Honda Brio E MT

If you are looking for a car that is easy to maintain and handle then this is the one you should choose for your college rides. With a 5-speed manual transmission and 35-litre fuel tank, the Honda Brio gives a mileage of 18.5 kmpl. Thus, making it economically sound and efficient for your everyday college travel. Furthermore, this car also has a boot space of 175 litres, power windows in the front and power-assisted electric steering so as to ease the drive after a tiring college day.

A new Brio is priced between Rs4.73 Lakhs to Rs. 6.81 Lakhs. However, a pre-owned Brio has a starting price of Rs. 2.6 Lakhs.

Volkswagen Polo

With a power-assisted steering, engine immobiliser, multifunction display system, and ABS, this is one of the best car options for a student driver. To complement your style statement in front of your peers, this car is also available in six exclusive colours for you to choose from. This car also has a good fuel economy to support your daily up and down from your college.

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A new Volkswagen Polo has a starting price of Rs. 5.82 Lakhs. A pre-owned Polo is priced between Rs 4 Lakhs to Rs 6 Lakhs.

With academic session going on, it can be difficult to gather funds to buy a new car. But now you can buy a good condition used car that will not just be affordable while you purchase it, but also keep a check on post buying purchases.

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