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Beat the heat: How to improve AC cooling in summers

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March is gone and summer is on! Summers for many of us is a season which is not pleasant; the sweltering heat, hot blasting winds and the never ending desire to soothe parched throats and be indoors with the AC always on is etched in our minds. We do the same while travelling in our much appreciated cars, which protect us during the season and give us respite in our commute or plans to travel afar.

The car AC plays an important role in keeping us cool during the hot summers which makes it a necessary asset. At times it happens that the car AC doesn’t cool properly which causes discomfort and uneasiness specially if there are passengers present.

In this article we will shed light on a few tips and tricks that will help improve the cooling of your car’s AC and help you be cool!

Park in the shade

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Simple and logical. Parking in the shade is a sure shot way to avoid your car from turning into an oven, helps you save fuel and reduces the load on your car’s AC. If you have to leave the car make sure that you park it in a shade, can be under a tree, a shed, in the basement or in the shade of a building. If you fail to do so try using a heat reflector which you can place on the windshield from inside, this will help in keeping the inside temperature down by a few degrees.

Venting the hot air

Okay, so you couldn’t find a shade and had to expose your car to the full might of the sun and when you come back and enter, you are inches short of getting roasted. In this case the sensible thing to do is to get rid of the hot air inside. There are many ways to do this.

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Open all the windows and turn on the AC at the lowest setting

After entering the car open all the windows and drive for a little while with the windows open. Once you’ve attained bearable temperature turn on the air conditioning on the slow setting and gradually increase it to desired level with the outside circulation on. After a while close the windows, turn the AC to recirculation mode and wallah! It’s cool and comfy in the cabin.

Open the sunroof

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If your car has a sunroof open it and let the hot air flow out at jet speed. Follow the above written AC operating instructions and there you are all comfortable in the cabin on a hot summer day.

Pump the hot air out

So this is an unconventional way to get rid of hot air but it’s effective nevertheless, and it works with hatchbacks. Open all the four doors or just the windows and open and shut the boot door several times. What happens is the boot door acts as a pump flushing the hot air out from the open side doors. Weird but a cost effective way to cool your car.

Increase the AC speed gradually

Getting the AC on full blast on a hot summer day is not good for your as well as the car’s health. Fuel gets consumed and your AC has to do heavy work when you do that. Turning the AC on at a lower setting, then increasing it gradually ensures that hot air is being driven out in a consistent manner and cools you and the car well.

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Use the recirculation and ventilation system properly

Ventilation comes in handy when you have to cool a hot car, switching to this mode helps in faster dispersal of hot air. However, when you’ve reached the ambient temperature close it, otherwise the AC would have to expend more energy cooling the air that is coming in the car via the open vent. The recirculation system on the other hand recirculates the air that is already in the cabin, be wary of this when the vehicle is hot. Use it once the temperature cools down,  what it will do is recirculate the cool air making it colder and your life in the car happier.

Use a plastic curtain

So, this is for those who have got big SUVs and MUVs, the 7-8 seater ones. These cars have huge cabins and that will take longer to become cooler. So, a simple solution if all the seats are not occupied, just use a plastic curtain to cover those areas, the plastic curtain blocks the path of the air and lets it circulate in the reduced area helping in faster cooling.

FAQs for faster cooling

How can my car AC cool faster?

To do that you will have to get rid of the hot air in the cabin first.

  • Open all windows
  • Gradually increase the AC speed.
  • Close the vent and the windows

How to keep my car’s AC performing as new?

Regular servicing. It would be a good idea to get your car’s AC serviced before the summers start so that you don’t have to worry about it not properly working when you really need it. Regular maintenance of the AC filter, refrigerant, coolant and others is very necessary to keep your car’s AC younger for longer.

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