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5 Best Automatic Transmission Cars in India: Under 5 Lakhs


The hustle and bustle of life can get to us sometimes, in a world of technological advancements we still struggle with day to day hassles which tend to have adverse effects on the well being of an individual. Thanks to forever jammed roads in metropolitan cities- it can be cumbersome for driving around.  The jams are not only hectic but also diminish the longevity of the vehicles with the constant stress induced upon the clutch, gearbox, and the internal intricacies of a car. Car manufacturers are constantly trying to come up with new variants and recently, automatic hatchback cars have gained momentum in the market for their sophisticated and convenient design- with no manual gear changes, no clutch, which ensures a smooth drive throughout the day. A few years ago, people weren’t blessed with too many choices and had to settle for a mediocre model, and felt automatic transmission cars would not suit their needs, and were deemed expensive – now with the advent of new technology and greater choices, customers can choose from an array of affordable automatic transmission hatchback cars in India!

We present to you our list of the best hatchback cars equipped with the Automatic Gear Shift Transmission type in India:

  • Tata Nano XMA

The new Nano GenX XMA is one of the top automatic hatchback cars : trendy, urban and supremely affordable- starting at 1.99-3 lakhs equipped with Easy Shift (AMA) for smooth gear shifting and a hoard of stylish features, Nano leaves a good first impression. According to ARAI- it provides a mileage of 21.9kmpl, and has a 24 litre fuel tank capacity. It is powered by a 624 cc twin cylinder engine which churns out a power of 51N and 38 bhp of peak torque. Tata Nano XMA boasts of independent suspension system and caters to all your needs to battle the city traffic by providing active handling via creep technology. A great choice for a cheap entry level hatchback car with automatic gear shift technology.

Nano XMA - Best Automatic Hatchback Cars in India

The ‘smiling-grill’ Tata Nano is the cheapest automatic hatchback car in India


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  • Alto K10 AGS

Maruti has set a benchmark by giving us the best hatchback cars since the very beginning. Alto has been lauded as one of the best selling Maruti cars, and has been rightly called so because of its immense popularity and exciting new features.  The AGS (Auto Gear Shift) technology introduced in the K10 gives buyers another great reasons to buy the Alto. Equipped with a convenient automated manual gearbox, Alto K10 AGS comes with stylish exteriors, 3 cylinder with an improved 998cc coupled with an output of 67bhp and 90N makes for a smooth ride. It provides a mileage of 24.7kmpl, which is impressive considering its price range starting at Rs.3.90- 4.06 lakhs.  Apart from its brilliant performance, in terms of its engine and automatic transmission handling- Maruti is a trustworthy household name known for best value for money cars.

Alto K10 AGS - Best Automatic Transmission Hatchback Car in India

Then best selling hatchback car from Maruti just got another lease of life.


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  • Celerio AT

Another brilliant Maruti car, Celerio is a class apart for its unique technology- Auto Gear Shift (AGS). With its simplistic, unconventional design Maruti has definitely taken a leap forward by producing a perfect amalgamation of fuel efficiency coupled with low maintenance costs.  ARAI has approved of its 21kpl which is amazing given its price range- 3.9-4.96 lakhs, along with its unmatched performance at 998cc with a triple cylinder, powered by 67bhp, 90N which makes for a zippy ride! For stress-free drives amidst the daily traffic congested roads, Celerio proves to be the most suitable companion. A great option for those looking for an Automatic Transmission hatchback car with great interiors & stylish exteriors.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio - Best Automatic Transmission Hatchback Car in India

The clutch-free driving introduced by Maruti in Celerio


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  • Grand i10 AT

The Grand i10 is solid gold, in terms of its style quotient, abundant space, bustling features and overall a great ride at an extremely affordable price starting at 4.93 lacs, with a triple cylinder engine, powered by 71PS and a good torque of 160NM. The Automatic Transmission is very convenient and makes the already great driving experience even better. Being sporty and aerodynamic, it boasts of ergonomically spaced seats, along with plenty of boot space. Hyundai has always been a leading automobile manufacturer and proved its worth in the industry by introducing a “Gear Shift indicator”- which recommends optimum gear in order to maximize the mileage. Its premium interiors and safety features which make it even more desirable than it already is, making Grand i10 AT a sure shot winner.

Grand i10 AT

Grand i10 is the most prominent Automatic Transmission offering from Hyundai


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  • Honda Brio AT

Over the years, Honda has produced magnificent cars – Honda City vouched as the premium sedan and in the hatchback section, Brio is considered a pure gem for its advanced 1.2 litre i-VTEC (Intelligent Variable Valve Timing Electronic Lift Control) technology which delivers great performance and delightfully low maintenance. Brio provides effortless gearshifts, and a powerful performance with its 4 cylinder engine, 1198cc, manages to deliver a good 19kmpl. The Honda Brio is packed with safety features and has won numerous accolades for its drive-ability and quality available at prices ranging from 4.48 lakhs. Brio is a peppy, sturdy car and it doesn’t disappoint. Touted by Honda as the “love-at-first-sight” car, the Brio makes for a great choice for an Automatic Transmission Hatchback for buyers in India.

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Honda Brio - Best Automatic Transmission Hatchback Car in India

The ‘love-at-first-sight’ AT hatch from Honda


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These were our pick for the Best Automatic Transmission Cars in India.
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