8 Essential Summer Tips To Help Your Car Beat The Heat

As the summer rolls around, so does a whole new batch of problems a car owner has to worry about. The car becomes a lot more vulnerable and the summer sun doesn’t hold back. But there are few summer care tips which can make yours and your car’s life easier, and not to forget, increase its life span with which directly influence its resale value when you sell it. Spinny recommends these essential tips to help your car beat the heat this summer.

Engine Coolant

The engine coolant is paramount in keeping your car running in the summer. As the name implies, it is responsible for keeping the engine temperature in check and if you’re running low, you might run a risk of an engine overheat. It is really important to take care and check the coolant levels in the summer heat. This can be avoided by making sure to maintain optimum levels of the coolant. To refill it at home, fill it up with a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water. Do not open the radiator cap or coolant tank lid when the engine is hot. The boiling liquid and high pressure may cause severe burns.


Fluid Checks

Fluids like engine oil and windshield washer fluid are responsible for keeping the engine lubricated and the windshield clean. Check the oil levels using the dip-stick under the hood and maintain a healthy amount to keep the engine healthy. The windshield washer fluid is as important and can be refilled on the cheap using a mix of distilled water and shampoo.


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Tire Pressure

Tires are what make direct contact with the road, which means that they are also one of the most vulnerable in the blistering heat. During summers, the tire pressure increases by one or two PSI every 6 degrees of temperature increase. Under-inflated tires put excess pressure on the sidewalls while over-inflated tires make less contact with the road and may even rupture on steep bumps. A quick visual inspection will reveal a lot about the state of your tires. Check for cracks and bulges and make sure the tires have the right amount of pressure as advised by your manufacturer.



The paint comes in direct contact of the sun and it is recommended to keep the car waxed with UV protection to reduce the damage as much as possible. The risk of fading, drying, and cracking in the summer heat can also be avoided by parking under a shade and will also keep your car cooler for when you take the steering.


Air Conditioning

The air conditioning is a necessity if you want to survive driving in the hot summers. A healthy air conditioning system should cool the air quickly and effectively. The most common cause of ineffective air conditioning is usually a leak in the Freon gas resulting in low levels of the refrigerant. A quick run to the mechanic can get it fixed and if the problem persists, get it checked by an authorised service centre.



The intense summer heat causes an increased rate of chemical reactions in the battery, reducing the battery life and is one of the major causes of battery deterioration. Check if the battery is clean and is strapped down tight and that all the connections are secure and clean. Be sure to get the battery inspected regularly so you won’t get caught off guard by your battery failing on you.


Air Filter

A dirty or blocked air filter is hard on your engine, reducing its efficiency and overall performance. Clean the air filter every few months to maintain a good airflow to the engine. A quick inspection and if it looks too dirty, get it changed.



Cracked or torn wipers may leave streaks on the windshield reducing visibility on the road, causing serious damage. In the hot and dry summers, dust may stick to the wipers, scratching the surface of the windshield when used. Clean them every day and if they are irreparable, get them changed.


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