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7 Things to Check Before Buying a Used Tata Nexon

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SUVs have become increasingly popular over the last few years. SUVs offer top notch practicality, ease of use and spacious interiors. One of the most popular SUVs today is the Tata Nexon that offers a unique design along with robust build quality. In all it is a very feature packed SUV that provides great value. Where the value gets even better is when you consider a used Tata Nexon as your upgrade.

However, the pre-owned car market is very diverse  in the quality of the cars available to purchase. When it comes to a car as popular as a used Tata Nexon, it is important to be a little cautious and look for any potential hazards that might spoil your ownership experience after your purchase. This is why we have compiled a list of common problems you must check before buying a pre-owned Tata Nexon.

Fogging Headlamps and Tail Lamps

Quick points to remember:

  • Prolonged driving can develop fogging in the headlamps and tail lamps
  • Check the light enclosures to ensure no fogging is occuring 

The Tata Nexon is an SUV that has truly carved a niche in the hearts of many, and will surely turn heads even in its pre-owned glory. However, despite being an absolute hotshot in terms of looks, there is one issue that most Tata Nexon owners have reported since the vehicle was launched. This relates to an unexplained fogging that can be seen on the headlamp as well as the tail lamp cluster when driving for prolonged periods.

Tata Nexon headlight

While only a minor inconvenience, the moisture could cause the light bulbs to fuse and water to build up within the enclosures. When test driving a used Tata Nexon, make sure to check the front and rear lights for this issue. If you notice this issue, bring it to the notice of the owner so they can rectify the issue before you buy.

Leaking Tailgate

Quick points to remember:

  • Some Tata Nexon models suffer from a leaking tailgate
  • Ensure the seals are well maintained and no cracks are visible
Spinny Assured used Tata Nexon tailgate

Another unexplained issue that has bothered several Tata Nexon owners over the years is the fact that some models of the Tata Nexon suffer from a leaking tailgate! As unbelievable as it sounds, there are a few models of the Tata Nexon that have developed a leaked tailgate, leading to water being pushed into the boot itself. While you may be able to solve the issue after a thorough mechanical testing, it is a crucial thing to look out for before actually bringing home a pre-owned Nexon you like. After all you do not want your vehicle to have leaks and cracks that not only makes your ownership experience a bad one, but can also damage your luggage as well.

Noisy Doors

Quick points to remember:

  • The doors on the Tata Nexon can develop squeaking and unusual noises
  • Check for unusual noises from the doors during test drives

With a ground clearance of more than 200 mm, the Tata Nexon is intended to be a subtle off-roader too. To do justice to its adventure capabilities Tata has equipped the Nexon with an impeccable build quality, scoring a 5-star in the NCAP crash testing. However, despite being a tough vehicle, several owners over the years have complained about noisy doors on-board the Tata Nexon. While this is a common issue in humid places and states that are close to water bodies, a noisy door isn’t a good thing to have on board. 

Spinny Assured used Tata Nexon driver side door

As per owner’s observations 2017-2019 models of the Tata Nexon tend to quickly develop squeaky doors despite not ageing that much. So when you head to test drive the Tata Nexon you intend to bring home, make sure to check all four doors for squeaking and unusual noises. Not only are squeaky doors an indicator of a poorly maintained vehicle, it can also mean that the doors have been replaced due to an accident. 

Issues with MID Software

Quick points to remember:

  • The digital MID can develop faults due to software issues
  • Check for unreliable MID readouts and irregular behaviour

The Tata Nexon is synonymous with premium features and comfort. One such feature is the digital MID that is paired with the analogue instrument cluster. While the electro-analogue sandwich looks pretty good, there is a catch. Several users over the years have reported that the MID on-board the Tata Nexon tends to misbehave due to software issues. From unreliable fuel economy readings to erroneous distance to empty, the Nexon’s MID can be problematic on some variants. 

Spinny Assured used Tata Nexon MID

Therefore, remember to keep a note of the MID readouts and reliability during your test drive. This can be easily done if you take the Nexon out for a long run. Additionally, one should also note that the Nexon’s MID isn’t showing any irregular behaviour such as going dim or off in an unexpected way.

Lag in electronic operations

Quick points to remember:

  • Faults in electronics can cause lag in operations of necessary components
  • Check all electronic features for proper functioning

A common point to check out while test driving any pre-owned vehicle, a Tata Nexon too, should be to thoroughly check for lag in electronic operations. Therefore when you go out to test drive the Tata Nexon you intend to buy make sure to thoroughly test out all electronic features such as the drive mode selector, power windows and cruise control. 

Spinny Assured used Tata Nexon steering wheel and centre console

If you notice a very noticeable lag in the operations of electrically operated features, it is advised that you look for another used Tata Nexon. This is because faulty electronics can either be a cheap fix or could indicate other electrical issues that can be expensive to fix and replace.

Suspension Noise

Quick points to remember:

  • High mileage used Tata Nexon cars often develop noisy suspensions
  • Check for faulty suspension by driving on uneven roads

The Tata Nexon is a supremely capable vehicle when it comes to overall driving dynamics and build quality. However, rough driving and over speeding on uneven roads can really take a toll on any vehicle. The pre-owned car market does often have 1-2 year old Nexons with 60,000 kms on the odometer, which translates to a well-travelled car that has experienced significant wear and tear.

Spinny Assured used Tata Nexon rear wheel

In cases like this, a common problem to look out for is a noisy and faulty suspension. To check for this take the Nexon over a few bumps and uneven roads, which the vehicle should easily tackle. However, if you notice unwanted sounds when maneuvering over bumps and uneven roads, make sure to look for another Tata Nexon, because suspension replacement can be a pretty expensive job.

Check for Accidental Cues

Quick points to remember:

  • Inspect every used Tata Nexon for cues about accidental damage

Probably one of the most important things to look out for in a pre-owned vehicle are cues that the vehicle you are inspecting is accidental. This can save you from losing money in a fraudulent transaction that can prove to be a burden in the near future.

Spinny Assured used Tata Nexon underbody

Even though the Tata Nexon is equipped with a 5-star safety structure, it is still possible for things to go south during any journey. Thus, when you are out to inspect a pre-owned Tata Nexon, make sure to check panel gaps, bumper condition, service history, chassis condition, paint quality, underbody engine bay and other creased surfaces that often show that a repair has been carried out. If you find a suspicious deformity, ask the owner about the same and make sure you buy the car only after a thorough inspection.

So these were the 7 important points you must keep in mind when looking to buy a pre-owned Tata Nexon. While today’s cars are built to a much higher standard than before, small mechanical and electrical faults often emerge during the ownership period. This is true for used Tata Nexons as well and it is important that you inspect these elements before buying this SUV for yourself.

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