7 Reasons Why You Should Own a Honda Car

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India is one of the largest car markets in the world and has always been considered as a lucrative market to enter. However, to become successful in India, manufacturers have to deliver not only a great product at a cost effective price but also a stellar after sales experience. If there is one brand that has managed to deliver just what the consumers need, it is definitely Honda Motors.

Entering India back in 1995, Honda Motors came, saw, and conquered. The launch of the Honda City in 1998 kickstarted Honda’s fortunes in India and the Japanese manufacturer hasn’t looked back since. Honda has always been counted as one of the most successful automakers that the country has ever seen with a huge following in India. With superior build quality, class-leading engines, top safety specs and intelligent design, Honda is a name that has reached millions of homes across India. In this article we will have a look at the 7 reasons why you should own a Honda car.

Honda’s Commitment to Reliability

One thing that makes Honda one of the preferred car brands in India, is its commitment to reliability. The Japanese manufacturer firmly believes in providing maximum owner satisfaction at all times which has contributed to the development of some of the most reliable cars in India today. While other vehicles may start showing signs of ageing, Honda cars have been known to have a great build quality and reliable driving dynamics for years and years without fail.

A 2013 Honda City looking just as new in 2020

The longevity of Honda cars is evident in the Honda City, Honda CR-V and the Honda Accord. First generation cars of these models are still very much active and just as reliable as the day they were bought. No matter whether you buy a pre-owned Honda vehicle or a brand new one, Honda’s commitment to excellence will make your purchase last long. And with Honda’s nationwide network of sales and service, the moment your Honda gets low on health, you can be assured of timely treatment.

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Honda’s Desirable i-VTEC

Consumers around the globe have been demanding more out of their vehicles in terms of performance, mileage, and efficiency since the early days of automobiles. And to quench this thirst of churning out a little more than the usual, Honda Motors embarked upon a journey to build an engine that displays both high power output and hassle-free drivability. The result was Honda’s pioneer innovation, the VTEC or the Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control system.

Power and reliability in one package

Introduced in India back in 2000, the VTEC engine has had its own legacy of over two decades. Over the years, developments in the VTEC system lead to the introduction of the i-VTEC engine variant. This new development blended variable timing control (VTC) with the VTEC technology to produce a highly effective and superior performance.

The i-VTEC technology as an innovation offers the highest level of flexibility since it is able to fully maximize engine potential in any circumstance. Since the year 2000, the journey from VTEC to i-VTEC has made Honda a known name in the Indian automotive industry. Currently, every Honda car is equipped with the class-leading i-VTEC engine that gives consumers outstanding fuel economy, cleaner emissions and reduced weight along with high performance.

Honda’s Powerful i-DTEC

Honda Motors not only gave India one of the best petrol engines but also brought a truly revolutionary diesel engine with the 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel engine in 2013. With the i-DTEC engine, Honda surprised the world with its impeccable capabilities of innovation and development. With more power, efficiency and refinement, the i-DTEC engine was and continues to be one of the most futuristic and unique diesel units to ever enter the Indian market.

Smooth and fuel-efficient

Honda’s i-DTEC engine innovated by making the engine light while improving fuel efficiency. Honda managed to deliver a fuel efficiency that nearly matches the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz with its mild hybrid system. Being the lightest diesel units in their class the i-DTEC engines provide lower mechanical friction, lower power loss, and an intelligent system of cooling and power efficiency. Currently, the i-DTEC engine is featured on every Honda diesel car, making the new cars stand out but also makes pre-owned diesel Honda cars very attractive.

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Honda’s Superb Driving Dynamics

Every Honda car drives as good as it looks

Drive a Honda car and chances are that you might not like cars from the other manufacturers. This is the magic that Honda cars create every time you drive one. If you own a Honda, we are sure that you can vouch for its stable manoeuvrability as well as exceptional highway and city performance. Thanks to Honda’s impeccable engines, Honda cars have the ability to perform just like a brand new vehicle even after years of use. What’s more, is the fact that every Honda car is designed aerodynamically to reduce any drag that might affect comfortable driving. Moreover, the NVH levels inside a Honda are far superior than most other brands out there. So the next time you go out to buy a vehicle, you know which one to pick!

Honda’s Priority on Safety

Honda Motors has always prioritized the safety in their cars, offering the best safety equipment and features aboard their cars. Honda cars have performed exceptionally well in NCAP tests around the world. From the crash structure to the safety equipment, Honda cars are designed to international safety standards. Even the Honda Brio, Honda’s entry-level hatchback, was equipped with SRS airbags that boasted of a ‘spiral’ construction as opposed to the conventional airbag.

Honda’s Better Resale Value

A manufacturer that equips its vehicles with class-leading engines, durable build quality and feature-rich interiors cannot be devalued even in the pre-owned car market. These qualities are sought after in the used car market, making Honda cars one of the most in-demand cars in India. This gives used Honda cars great resale value, which is better than most of its competitors. If properly maintained and timely serviced, Honda’s can even return 60-70% of their value.

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Honda’s Best-in-class Features

Spinny Assured Honda City dashboard

As a true Japanese brand, Honda has always been known to provide the best overall package in its cars. Even Honda’s entry-level offerings like the Honda Brio and the Honda Amaze offer features that would be expected at higher price points. From offering the segment-first sunroof with the Honda City to providing connected car features, Honda cars in India are kitted out to cater to modern demands while at the same time future-proofing the car. Having the best features in the car does also mean that used Honda cars offer sheer value for anyone buying one.

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Be it a hatchback, sedan or even an SUV, Honda has a little something for everyone. There’s plenty of reasons to own a Honda car, thanks to a wonderful engine, robust built, feature-full package and reliable companionship. Brand new or pre-owned, every Honda car is designed to give you the best value for your money. Honda Motors has been a constant force in India, and despite increasing competition, it still remains one of the most loved car manufacturers in India.

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