7 Honda Cars under 7 Lakhs


Honda Motor Company Limited has been quite successful globally since its inception in 1948. The company became Japan’s second largest manufacturer in 2001 and was the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. While Honda has been a global player for 67 years, it’s history in India is a bit shorter but no less significant.

Honda’s Indian subsidiary, Honda Car India Limited (HCIL) was established in 1995 as a direct result of India’s economic liberalization policies. Instead of taking the same route as Maruti Suzuki and offering budget oriented cars, Honda looked to satisfy the demands of consumers who demanded more features in their cars at an affordable price. Honda’s cars were marketed as high value cars that were a perfect combination between mid-range luxury and affordability. The cars have been loved for their advanced design and technology and superb driving experience.

Honda Cars: The 7 under 7

Honda City

Honda City Spinny

A car built from the ground up for comfort in the city

The Honda City was the first model launched by HCIL. The City came in as a more feature-rich competitor to the Maruti 1000 (better known as the Esteem) and was designed specifically for the India and South East Asian market. The four-door sedan was well-received by customers, making the car quite popular even in its newest avatar.

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The popular mid-segment sedan can be yours for as low as 3.40 lakhs

Honda Accord

Honda Accord Spinny

A pioneer of the Indian mid-luxury segment.

Honda India’s next success, the Honda Accord, was launched in 2001. This was Honda’s offering for the newly developing luxury car segment, which would see the likes of the Skoda Octavia compete with the Accord. The car provided exceptional interior space and was celebrated for its excellent performance. All in all, the Accord never ceased to surprise its customers, one of the very secrets of its success.

The luxury of an Accord can be yours for an extremely budget price of 4 lakhs.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic Spinny

The perfect package of style, performance, and luxury

The eighth generation Honda Civic was launched in India in 2006. Sleek, elegant and well-sculpted, the Honda Civic brought a combination of performance and style that was only restricted to the German luxury marques. While the Civic didn’t offer much in terms of fuel economy but it did make up for its shortcoming with premium features you wouldn’t get in any other car at the time. Features such as paddle shifters, in-built entertainment system, and a digital speedometer. With a car that felt so sporty, any shortcomings were simply overlooked.

The Civic’s sporty performance can be yours for an incredible price starting from 3.25 lakhs

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz Spinny

The hatchback that brought a premium, spacious experience in a compact package

The Honda Jazz came into the Indian market as one of the first premium hatchbacks in the market. The car initially was seen as an expensive proposition but those who bought in to it were treated to premium experience in a compact form. This hatchback had great space efficiency, demonstrating Honda’s engineering expertise and lateral thinking while at the same time offering great features. Honda delivered on its adage of Small is the new Big.

You can enjoy the Honda Jazz’s spacious compactness starting from 2.50 lakhs

Honda Brio

Honda Brio Spinny

A zippy hatchback that loves you as much as you love it

Honda brought out their second hatchback for the Indian market with the Brio in 2011. The Brio competes against Maruti’s WagonR and Hyundai’s i10. While the Brio is against very tough competition, it has managed to carve out its own share of the market by providing exceptional ride quality, good power to weight ratio, and competitive fuel economy.

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Starting from 3.65 lakhs, the Honda Brio is waiting to love you back.

Honda Amaze

Honda Amaze Spinny

An amazing mileage is what it promised while introducing Honda’s diesel engine in India

This home-manufactured sub 4 meter sedan was launched in 2013 and continued Honda’s focus for diversifying its portfolio. The Amaze was the first Honda car to get the Japanese manufacturer’s “Made for India” 1.5 litre diesel engine. This very engine has found its way to Honda’s other products as well. The Amaze carried over much of what made the Brio a success while also offering a diesel variant posing an equal challenge to the Maruti Swift Dzire.

When you get this car for as low as 4.50 lakhs, the Honda Amaze amazes in more ways than one.

Honda Mobilio

Honda Mobilio Spinny

Though based on its smaller siblings, Mobilio gave drivers more space and utility

The Honda Mobilio was one of the most anticipated launches in the MUV segment. Based on the same platform as the Brio and Amaze, Honda rounded off its portfolio with this MUV. The Mobilio offered all of Honda’s refinement in their past products and its mileage, power, spaciousness, ground clearance and interior quality give it a competitive edge over its rivals. Its several advanced features aim at making a drive convenient and enjoyable.

You can enjoy the spacious Mobilio starting from 8 lakhs and improve your leisurely expeditions.

In its 20 year history in India, Honda has always positioned itself as a manufacturer that offers amore premium driving experience while still being affordable. Combined with generational refinement and established reliability, Honda cars make excellent purchases, even when buying them pre-owned.