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6 Tips for an Environment-Friendly Drive

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While we enjoy driving our cars, we are also becoming increasingly conscious about our impact on the environment and how to reduce it. With private car ownership on the rise, our impact is only going to increase in the future. As driving our own cars becomes a necessity, it is important to incorporate as many of the environmentally-friendly driving tips to reduce our emissions and our impact on the environment.

Don’t idle for too long

One major contributor to fuel consumption is unnecessary idling. If you are parked and waiting, it is advised to switch your car off rather than let it idle. This is not only better for the environment but also for your fuel economy as you burn less fuel.

Car idling

However, it is not recommended to switch your car off while you are in traffic or stopped at a red light. Constantly turning your car off and on will wear out the engine components and increase your fuel consumption.

Drive smooth & steady

Constantly accelerating and braking causes more fuel to be consumed, which increases emissions from your car. Instead, aim to accelerate smoothly and maintain a constant speed as much as possible. Look ahead on the road to predict any obstacles and slow down smoothly by coasting without acceleration.

Travel light & aerodynamic

Car carrying heavy load
Heavy load like this work the engine harder and burn more fuel

The more weight you carry in your car, the more fuel you burn to carry that weight. Empty all unnecessary weight from the car by clearing your boot. With less weight, you should also make your car as aerodynamic as possible. Remove any roof racks and repair any damaged bumpers to make your car aerodynamic and consume fuel more efficiently.

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Keep your car well-maintained

Car Maintenance

A car in good health is one that is efficient in its functioning. One way we can ensure our cars remain in good health is by undertaking regular maintenance. Old worn out components will be swapped out during your maintenance service to ensure your car functions as effectively as possible. This has a direct impact on the performance of your car, which will be able to more effectively consume fuel while keeping emissions low.

Consider newer, fuel-efficient cars or alternate fuels

While we can maintain our cars for years, new technologies in cars allow them to be more efficient and cleaner than their older counterparts. It is recommended to drive cars that comply with the current emissions standard to get the maximum benefit of fuel efficiency and low emissions. The current emissions standard in India is the Bharat Stage 6 or BS6 emissions standard.

Electric car badge

For a greater positive impact on the environment, consider switching to cars powered by alternative fuels like CNG or electricity. For CNG cars, make sure you convert your car through a certified CNG fitting centre to get the most of the alternate fuel. Electric cars are also becoming more readily available and offer a environment-friendly driving option.

Shift gears efficiently

There is one way you can directly impact on your fuel economy and the emissions of your car. Always make sure to drive your car in the right gear at all times. Drive in the highest gear to reduce the load on the engine while driving at the speed limit. However, do remember to shift down to the appropriate gear when slowing down or turning, to efficiently use the engine’s power.

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We must all come together to do our part in reducing our impact on the environment. As cars become more efficient, emissions are constantly being reduced but there is still a lot we can do. Keeping these 6 tips in mind will help you reduce your emissions while you drive your car.

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