6 Best Premium Hatchbacks You Can Buy in India

Hatchbacks have proved to be the most popular segment in India, due to the lower cost of entry and higher fuel economy of the cars. Catering to the varying needs and desires of the consumers, car manufacturers have been releasing hatchbacks at a variety of budgets. At the higher end of the budgets are the premium hatchbacks that are equipped with high-end features and premium quality materials to elevate them above the lower budget models. These are the six best premium hatchbacks to buy in India today.

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo can be best defined as a versatile vehicle that is suitable for families and enthusiasts alike. The Polo makes driving a ease with an automatic air-conditioner, touchscreen infotainment, and premium leather seating.

The car is available in powerful petrol and diesel engines that provide the right balance between power and mileage. Safety being a priority, the car is fitted with ABS and dual airbags as standard. The chassis is a galvanised steel body with a laser-welded roof that ensures utmost safety in the event of a crash.

The Volkswagen Polo

Since this premium hatchback is quite popular, pre-owned Volkswagen Polos are available at great prices on Spinny.

Maruti Swift

Maruti Swift is one of the best-selling hatchbacks in India. The iconic hatchback has a youthful vibe that resonates with the young buyers and is practical enough for young families. The Swift provides practical space to seat passengers comfortably as well as carry luggage. With design highlights like precision-cut alloy wheels and floating roof design, the Swift has a distinctive look on Indian roads.

The car comes equipped with manual and automatic transmissions mated to Suzuki’s reliable petrol and diesel engines. In terms of features, the Swift is equipped with a SmartPlay infotainment system in addition to ABS and airbags in the higher variants.

Blue Maruti Suzuki Swift on Spinny
Maruti Suzuki Swift

Having set multiple sales records over several years, second-hand Maruti Suzuki Swifts are not hard to find on Spinny

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Maruti Suzuki brought back the Baleno name for its premium hatchback. The Baleno now features stylish interiors with premium upholstery to give its passengers a premium experience. Maruti Suzuki has also equipped the Baleno with premium features such as an integrated SmartPlay infotainment system with bluetooth connectivity. With regard to safety features, the Baleno has been built on a crash resilience platform and comes equipped with ABS and dual airbags as standard.

Grey Maruti Suzuki Baleno for sale on Spinny
The Maruti Suzuki Baleno

The pre-owned Maruti Suzuki Baleno cars on Spinny have perfectly retained their premium experience.

Hyundai Elite i20

Hyundai Elite i20 is a good looking car with premium upholstery and advanced features. The car has a cascade grille design, chic headlamps and tail-lamps. The trendy dual-tone of the car sets it apart from the rest, giving it a unique look on the road. The Elite i20 is spacious, offering more than enough cabin space. Safety attributes of the car include ABS, 6 airbags and a rear defogger. Added features include power windows with pinch guards, reverse parking camera, speed sensing door lock facility and smart pedal. Manual and automatic transmissions are available for the petrol version.

Red Hyundai Elite i20 on Spinny
The Hyundai Elite i20

WIth great reliability and sporty styling, there’s no shortage of great used Hyundai i20 Elites to choose from on Spinny.

The Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is roomy hatchback that offers a premium driving experience. Jazz boasts of an efficient i-VTEC petrol engine and diesel i-DTEC engine that provide excellent driveability. This car offers good comfort and excellent maneuverability, making it a joy to drive. Premium features such as paddle shifters, touchscreen infotainment system, and feather touch climate control help the Jazz set itself apart from the other premium hatchbacks.

Red Honda Jazz on Spinny
The Honda Jazz

The excellent quality and great prices of pre-owned Honda Jazz cars on Spinny is hard to ignore.

The Ford Figo

The Ford Figo is a stylish car that has carved a niche for itself with its very unique looks and appeal. The Figo offers excellent driveability with an efficient and powerful engine. The Ford Figo has a finely tuned suspension that provides a comfortable ride quality. The Figo was one of the first premium hatchbacks to offer dual airbags as standard across its entire range.

This car is hard to miss on road and with great prices, it’s hard to miss the used Ford Figos on Spinny.

Premium hatchbacks command a premium price tag when new for the well-equipped models. This makes them compete with some B-segment sedans and makes the buying decision tougher. However, in the used car market, the premium hatchbacks on this list see prices that are comparable to more budget hatchbacks. At this point, premium hatchbacks become a more practical option to consider.

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