The idea of concept cars is to create new forms and designs that may get translated into full-fledged production models. For the most part though, concept cars are created to answer the question of “What if?” Sometimes the answers to that question manifest themselves in the form of the crazy cars listed below.



Designed by Jung-Hoon Kim, a South Korean industrial designer, this car runs on power derived by batteries that are charged with piezoelectric devices. It features multiple chords which, when the vehicle is set in motion, vibrates at a high frequency to produce electrical energy. This energy is then used to recharge the batteries.

Peugeot Egochine


Who knew that a Gillette Mach 3 razor would become a source of inspiration for Paolo De Giusti, a designer who made it to the finals in a “retrofuturism” themed design contest organized by Peugeot. This futuristic concept car features a hydrogen fuel cell and two electric motors turning to the front. This crazy car would look right at home in a sci-fi movie.

BMW Lovos


Designed by Anne Forschner, this concept car is made of 260 identical, exchangeable pieces which are fixed with a hinge on a substructure. These movable pieces act as airbrakes and are photovoltaic. This design not only makes it an insanely crazy car but makes it highly environment friendly as well. However, the interior of this concept car is soft and warm in contrast to the mechanical exterior.

Ferrari Monza


Iman Maghsoudi came up with this part bike, part car and part flying wing concept. Monza is specifically designed to minimize friction and stop unwanted headwinds. However, this crazy car is so complex that even the designer admits that it is so advanced that drivers would lack the ‘sufficient concentration’ to control it.



Designed by Tehran- based CG artist Mohammad Ghezel, eRingo is capable of converting from one wheeled driving to three wheeled driving depending on the curves of the road ahead. It also features two steering wheel concept.