5 Reasons Why Sedans in India are Popular

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One thing that we care about the most in India is our comfort. From our offices to our homes, everything has to be comfortable and relaxing. This extends to our beloved cars as well. We expect the same comfort in the cars we buy and own while targeting a specific value. Perhaps this is why car manufacturers in India are trying to perfect the ideal combination of fuel economy, design, space, and comfort.

The Indian auto industry today has a variety of models, body types, and segments. From hatchbacks to MUVs, each segment prioritizes a specific aspect of car owners needs. Hatchbacks provide a economical driving experience while SUVs let their owners tackle rough terrain.

When it comes to comfort and convenience, there is nothing better than a sedan. No matter what your budget, sedans are probably the best option for someone looking for more. If you are wondering why sedans are popular, here’s a list of the five reasons to consider a sedan.

Leisurely Interior Space

One of the biggest advantages of a sedan is the space it offers. When compared to a hatchback, a sedan offers an ample amount of space for you and your family. The extra space in a sedan can be attributed to the separate, dedicated boot space. This makes sedans capable of offering space that is practically required by you and your family.

An edge of comfort and convenience

In terms of dimensions, sedans are generally between 4-meters and 4.5-meters in length. Some compact sedans come in just under 4-meters but offer similar interior space. A family with teenage children or people who are chauffeured can enjoy long rides thanks to the extra legroom. The separate boot space also lets you carry more luggage than a hatchback.

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More Comfort

Imagine a family of five travelling in a hatchback. It’s a tight and very uncomfortable experience. This is where a sedan becomes the ideal car. As we’ve mentioned there is a lot more space inside a sedan. With the increased interior space, manufacturers offer better comfort features such as rear AC vents and rear armrests. In addition to the extra legroom, the seats provide better support, making it more comfortable for your passengers. A lot of these features have become common across all sedans, as well as some hatchbacks, in the Indian market today.

Best-in-Class Features

New Honda City Headlamp

As sedans are a natural upgrade for many people, they are usually equipped with many best-in-class features. These features are also introduced to the masses through sedans. This is the reason many new sedan car launches tend to be more feature-packed than other car segments.

Many of these sedan features are introduced in the luxury segment but make their way to sedans. A great example is the introduction of the sunroof which was exclusive to luxury cars. Popular sedans like the Honda City and Hyundai Verna brought it to the mass market. Other features like touchscreen infotainment systems and enhanced safety features are initially available to the mass market through sedans.

Better Power and Transmissions

An edge of power and mileage

Hatchbacks are geared towards being as economical as possible. This usually translates to small displacement engines that are low on power to provide the best mileage. Upgrading from these economical engines, sedans are equipped with larger displacement petrol and diesel engines producing more power. A 1.2-litre engine is the smallest displacement you can get on a sedan. 1.4-litre or 1.5-litre engines are more commonly found in sedans.

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With more powerful engines, more capable transmission systems are required. Sedans are commonly equipped with 5-speed manual gearboxes, with a few sedans also being offered with 6-speed manual gearboxes. The extra gear provides better top speed and mileage on the highways. You will also find that automatic transmissions are more common in sedans. These gearboxes provide better driving convenience when driving in the city while still being capable enough for the highway.

Sleeker Designs

In terms of design, sedans have come a long way. From boxy designs to flowing body lines, the sedan car segment has matured over the years. Sedans in India today incorporate more aerodynamic and angular designs to offer a sophisticated exterior.

This trickles down to the design of the headlamps and the tail lamps, which have become sharper and more appealing. The design of the alloy wheels has also improved. Plain designs have now given way to complex diamond-cut designs that compliment the sedan they are on.

Popular Sedans in India

Starting from ₹5 lakhs

Honda City

Starting from ₹4 lakhs

Hyundai Verna

Starting from ₹4 lakhs

Starting from ₹5 lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Starting from ₹3.5 lakhs

Starting from ₹3.4 lakhs

Sedans are always the first choice for many when upgrading from their first cars. The versatility of the sedan makes it suited for a variety of roles. On the weekends, it can be the family car that hits the highway for a road trip. It can become an executive car, chauffeuring you to your office and back in complete comfort. Whatever role you choose, a sedan offers the premium features and comfort to make any drive enjoyable.

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New sedans tend to be launched at a steep premium that justify their features and quality. However, not many can afford this premium when upgrading. The numerous options in the used car market for sedans in India is the answer to this problem. Premium pre-owned sedans can be found for nearly half the price of a new sedan, providing immense value for what you buy.

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