4 Reasons to Upgrade to Four Wheels

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Your two wheeler has been your pride for long and gives an unbeatable mileage to save those expenses. We know you love it, but its time you turn those two wheels into four. Here are 4 reasons to upgrade to four wheels.

  1. Weather Gods despise Two Wheelers:
    Remember that rainy day when you reached office all wet and those days in June when your helmet tuned into a microwave, and who can forget that cold winter morning when your fingers froze up so bad you couldn’t even sign those letters your boss asked for? Wipe those tears, we know it still hurts. It’s time you set your mind to turning those two wheels into four and tell the gods to “mind it”.
  2. Mrs. Sharma came to your house with Ladoos and your wife is not happy about that:
    Figured it out yet Sherlock? The reason for your wife’s cold intense look is that your neighbor Mr. Sharma has bought ‘another’ car. Those ladoos aren’t tasting so good now, are they? Look at your wife’s angry face, look at your wallet, now look at her again. Yes! It’s time to cut back on other expenses and upgrade to a car.
  3. You can’t drop Chintu, Munnu, and Pappu to school altogether on two wheels:
    Your family is expanding, and so are your responsibilities. Dropping your kids to school is a nice thought but unless you are Valentino Rossi, don’t try to fit them all on your bike. You’re flouting traffic rules and endangering their lives too. And yeah, Chintu won’t say it but he hates sitting on the petrol tank. Admit it, you hate it too.
  4. Buying a car is not necessarily costly:
    So what if you are not rich? Neither are the other 60% of the people. Buying a car doesn’t require having a lot of money, only a little smartness does the job. Be economical and get yourself a pre-owned car from a good online marketplace. It’s simple as that.
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Well, what are you still waiting for? Look at your wife and kids and get to upgrading to a car. Here are some great pre-owned cars you can browse from. Remember to take some ladoos to Mrs. Sharma’s house afterwards.

Upgrade to a 4Wheeler-08


Upgrade to a 4Wheeler F-06