3 Best Compact SUVs in the World You Will Cherish To Have

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SUVs became extensively popular in US, Canada, Australia during the 90s and early part of 2000s. The main reason behind this popularity was the profit margins for all SUVs being more than other designs like sedans for car manufacturers.

Designs do vary from time to time in the competitive field of SUV market. It has been seen that the SUVs which are mid-sized passenger vehicles which are far more popular to the consumers than the light and less heavyweight vehicles. Keeping that in mind, SUV manufacturers have evolved some significant sizes, maintaining compact engine compartment, compiled passenger compartment and negligible sizes of the dedicated trunk as station wagon body.

In addition, compact SUVs offer a high seating position, which gives an immeasurable perspective of the road with a less demanding step-in height than larger vehicles.

Now, let’s pay attention to the best 3 compact SUVs which are leading the world market right now having dozens of qualified models as the competitors.

Honda CR-V 2017:

CR-V - 3 Best Compact SUVs in the World

The new Honda CR-V has bold curves & a stylish design that will make any Honda designer proud.


Gracefully, with its vast range of versatility, competency and reliability the Honda CR-V tops the table. With a base engine of 184 hp (2.4 litres), it also offers an option where it works 190hp (1.5 litres turbocharged). Four-wheel drive is optional with standard two-wheel drive consisting a CVT which is one of the best available in the world at this time.

CR-V Engine : 3 Best Compact SUVs in the World

The CR-V comes equipped with a 2.4 litre and a more powerful 1.5 litre turbocharged engine.

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This fifth-Generation CR-V, again based on a stage imparted to the Metro, is marginally bigger in each key measurement. The wheelbase is 1.4 inches enhanced from the past model’s 103.1-inch estimation. The back spoiler and Drove daytime running lights are presently standard packs, while the decision of moving the stock is 17-or 18-inch aluminium wheels, avoiding the steel 16-inchers that used to serve on base models.


The interior has familiar layout and level of detail as well as the quality of material. Keeping similarity with the inside beauty, the consumers have welcomed the volume handling option on the middle stack as a component of 7 inches touchscreen infotainment framework. Honda’s infotainment touchscreens require tolerance and the satisfaction level of the consumers are noteworthy amongst the basic competitors of Honda CR-V 2017.  Similarly, promising is the push to diminish inside clamour levels; we quantified 69 decibels at an unfaltering 70-mph voyage, a 2-decibel diminish in surrounding inside commotion levels over a formerly tried 2015 CR-V Touring AWD.

CR-V Interiors : 3 Best Compact SUVs in the World

The interiors of the CR-V have the luxurious comfort and appealing aesthetics typical of a Honda


The control of the CR-V is not exactly sporty, to say the least. But it offers a really smooth ride with its good straight line stability. The turns in feel are a bit sharper which eases the driving in tight spots.

Kia Sportage 2017:

Kia Sportage : 3 Best Compact SUVs in the World

The Kia Sportage with it’s wide front grille, feline headlamps and the innovative unique fog lamps makes for a beautiful compact SUV .

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Despite of some design hassles on KIA Sportage 2017 design, there are some significant improvements that are being made on the new version. An 181-hp 2.4-liter four, six-speed programme, and front-wheel drive are standard features on EX and SX; all-wheel drive is optional. The SX Turbo offers a 240-hp 2.0-liter turbo four. It also offers safety features such as automated emergency brakes to make it more lucrative. It takes 6.9 seconds to reach 0 to 60 MPH with a top speed of 130 MPH.


The all new Kia Sportage offers a very stylish interior which gives the essence of Audi-like detail. The seats are being updated with improved materials. Conspicuous points of interest are few, yet the execution feels updated. SX models come completely stacked with warmed and cooled leather front seats, a touchscreen infotainment framework, and the brand’s most recent driver tips, including path takeoff cautioning and automatic emergency braking.

Kia Sportage Interiors : 3 Best Compact SUVs in the World

The dual tone interior of the Kia Sportage is a delight to look at & paired with great ergonomics makes for a highly convenient, plush looking cabin.


Kia’s updated design has some notable changes with prolonged length and wheelbase which offers more comfortability to the back-seat passengers. Collapsing the second column level about duplicates the measure of the hold, however, and the back bring forth on top trims will open naturally following two or three seconds of key-coxcomb closeness.


The new design is one of the agile vehicles among the same class of vehicles. With several driving modes it offers great handling capacity in any emergency situations. In any case, in any event, Kia now permits you to modify the throttle and move programming by means of typical, game, and eco drive modes, with the last the best at smoothing out the power conveyance.


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Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner 2017 : 3 Best Compact SUVs in the World

One of Toyota’s most successful endeavors, the Fortuner is a masculine hulky monster, giving the true blue feel of a SUV behind the wheel.

Toyota Fortuner starting from Rs 19 Lakhs on Spinny

After offering the other lucrative Toyota SUVs, like RAV4, Prado, the manufacturers have introduced an amazing model named Toyota Fortuner. Hilux based Toyota Fortuner offer a perfect mixture of both uniqueness and elegance and offers three row seating that comfortably seats 7.


Toyota Fortuner introduces diesel turbo 4 engines with 2.8-litre capacity cylinders and maximum Power capacity of 130KW. All in all a good performance can be expected from this specific model from Toyota.


Toyota Fortuner looks really huge from outside. While as far as the interior concerns, it is narrower and shorter than the external part. Inside the cabin, Toyota has improved the space from the mother design of Hi-lux. High-quality leather materials are featured in the interior part of the specific design. The central console box and updated infotainment systems give deluxe to the interior to some extent.


Toyota Fortuner has great credentials for off road driving experiences along with the ability to perform well after driving thousands of kilometers. As the off-road features are good we can easily understand that the control should be up to the mark to be so.

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