Maruti Suzuki Swift in blue and red

2021 Maruti Suzuki Swift Launched in India

India’s most loved premium hatchback the Maruti Suzuki Swift has evolved quite a lot since the time it was launched in India back in 2005. The bulbous and massive curves have now developed into more lean and defined ‘muscles’. While the engine throughout the years has also seen major revamping in terms of performance and efficiency. The upgraded Swift is a looker and a thriller, the cosmetic changes make sure that the sub-compact car not only stands out but also turns heads. While the new engine makes a punchy 90 PS and is said to be very efficient.

So, what else does the 2021 Swift bring for us? Let’s take a look.

What’s new in the 2021 Maruti Suzuki Swift?

New 1.2-litre DualJet Engine

The 2021 Maruti Swift gets a major engine revamp. The new DualJet engine churns out 90 PS which is 7 PS more than the previous K12 engine. The best part of dualjet is that it gives you power with less use of fuel. The inclusion of a stop-start function will help in saving fuel by automatically shutting down the engine if it has been running idle for long. The mileage has also seen a small improvement with the new Swift achieving 23.76 kmpl for the AMT variant and 23.20kmpl for the manual. But overall, the new Swift is going to be a thrill to ride.

Exterior Design Changes

2021 Maruti Suzuki Swift front

The design remains almost the same except with a few changes. The grille features a new studded honeycomb mesh which includes a chrome accent separating the logo in the front. The high-end versions will be offered in dual-tone options. The dual-tone will have a separate black or white finish for the roof.

New Feature Additions

2021 Maruti Suzuki Swift interior

Overall the 2021 Swift borrows most of the interior paraphernalia from its previous version however, certain additions make it a bit different. The high-end version will feature the addition of cruise control to help in reducing fatigue during those long drives, a new color multi-information display which gives feedback on the go, and auto-folding ORVMs.

How much will the 2021 Maruti Suzuki Swift cost?

In the Indian market, the price of the vehicle is a very important factor, but fortunately, Swift has been able to make its mark without much effort. Be it the styling or the trust in the brand,  the Swift knows how to woo the Indian audience.

The 2021 Swift with its improvements is bound to see some change in the prices. Here is a comparison between the variants and their prices.

2021 Maruti Suzuki Swift Variant Prices



Price (ex-showroom)

Maruti Swift LXI


₹5.73 lakhs

Maruti Swift VXI


₹6.36 lakhs


₹6.86 lakhs

Maruti Swift ZXI


₹6.99 lakhs


₹7.49 lakhs

Maruti Swift ZXI+


₹7.77 lakhs


₹8.27 lakhs

Maruti Swift ZXI+ Dual Tone


₹7.91 lakhs


₹8.41 lakhs

Which 2021 Maruti Swift variant offers the best value?

Buying a car ultimately depends on perspective and usability and of course your budget, as we want the best bang for our buck. The 2021 Maruti Suzuki Swift is here to please both aesthetically and performance-wise. So which one is best for you?

After comparing the variants, the Swift VXI AGS and the Swift ZXI AGS offer good value for money, however, if you like shifting gears then you will find the MT versions of both variants pleasing. The Swift ZXI AGS offers a lot of features, like a full-on audio and entertainment system, pinch guard power window, front fog lamps, auto-folding ORVMs, and rear wiper with washer in comparison to the Swift VXI.

But in both variants, you won’t get cruise control and if you are a frequent traveler and prefer using your vehicle then the Swift ZXI+ DT AGS is the better choice as it comes fully loaded.

Should I buy a new or used Maruti Swift?

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The 2021 Swift is an awesome car with bold design, spectacular interiors and an efficient engine to start with, however the outgoing Swift is no less. For example let’s compare the new 2021 Swift ZXI+ with its older version.

Maruti Suzuki Swift New vs Used Comparison


2021 Maruti Suzuki Swift

Spinny Assured Pre-owned Maruti Suzuki Swift


1.2-litre petrol

1.2-litre petrol

1.2-litre diesel


90 PS

82 PS (Petrol)

74 PS (Diesel)


23.76 kmpl

21.21 kmpl (Petrol)

28.4 kmpl (Diesel)

Touchscreen Infotainment



MID Instrument Cluster

Digital MID

Analogue & Digital MID

Alloy Wheels



Dual Airbags



ABS with EBD



Hill Control



There is not much difference between the two cars except the power, mileage and the price. And we can see that although the power of the new Swift is significantly high but the mileage has a lesser difference. Price is where the 2018 Swift wins, for a few less features you get a car that is as good as new and costs significantly less, meaning it has value for your pocket.

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