10 Best Car Care Tips : with everyday objects

10 Best Car Care Tips : Car Maintenance with Everyday Objects

Our cars are becoming more & more reliable by the day as you can read here on The Most Reliable Cars : 2016. But when all’s said & done they are after all machines which can break down or suddenly develop a minor glitch out of the blue. It helps to be aware of a few car care hacks, little tips & tricks which can make car maintenance a lot more easier. So here’s our list of the 10 Best Car Care Tips : Car Maintenance with Everyday Objects.

1. Cloudy Headlights? Brush Them

Yes, apparently brushing your teeth is not the only thing toothpastes are good for. Apart from keeping your teeth sparkling white, they also keep those cloudy headlights shining bright. Apply toothpaste to cloudy headlights, and then use a brush (certainly not your own) or a cloth to clean them. Rinse with water & let the lights guide you home.

Car Care : DIY Car Care Tip 1 - Apply toothpaste to cloudy headlights & brush them clean using a toothbrush
Car Care Hack #1 : Use Toothpaste to Brush Cloudy Headlights Clean


2. Scratches, Need To Get Rid of The Scratches

Despite what we might think, abusing the person who scratched the car isn’t really a fruitful way of dealing with scratches, but there is always a useful option in using nail paint. Find the closest shade to your car color & you can make those scratches disappear without much effort. And what’s more, it is infinitely more fruitful than hurling innovative abuses at strangers. Who knows, you may even make your girlfriend or wife happier with the leftover nail paint?

Car Care : DIY Car Care Tip 2 - Use nail polish to hide little scrapes & scratches.
Car Care Hack #2 : Nail Polish is a Cheap Alternative which can be used to Hide Little Scrapes & Scratches


3. Plunger – The Cure of Small Dents

The inventor of the Plunger may not have thought that this tool for sanitary cleanliness may be used for anything more than pulling shit. But, here we are now, taking plungers to car doors for the sake of car maintenance. As you may have guessed it, all it requires is putting the suction part of the plunger around the dent and pulling, and pulling, and pulling… till either the dent comes off or you do.

Car Care : DIY Car Care Tips #4 :  Use a plunger to pull out the small dents on your car.
Car Care Hack #3 : A Plunger will Help in Pulling Out Small Dents


4. Toothpaste – Get Rid of Tartar, Scratches & Scuffs

The application of toothpastes isn’t only limited to getting rid of tartar, but as stated above, it finds its application in car maintenance as well. It can help you take care of scuffs too. Toothpaste can help in greatly reducing scuffing if not removing it completely altogether. Just rub the paste on the affected region & wipe clean with a cloth.


5. Something’s only Women Can Do – Pantyhose for Alternator Belt

In case your alternator belt breaks down and you are left stranded in the middle of the road, you should be grateful for having a woman on board wearing pantyhose or leggings, even more so if the lady in question lets you use them to replace the worn out alternator belt. Remove the belt keeping in mind the manner in which it was coiled around the pulleys. Tie the leggings around the pulleys in the exact same way, making sure that they stick tightly to the pulleys. Beware though, this car care tip is a short term solution, only meant to last till the nearest garage.

Car Care : DIY Car Care Tips - Pantyhose or leggings with their stretchable fabric work as an emergency substitute for a cracked alternator belt.
Car Care Hack #5 : Leggings or Pantyhose can be Used to Replace Alternator Belt in Case of Emergency


6. Shave Your Windshield – Using Razor Blades for Cleaning

What to do in case a pigeon fancies itself to take a dump on your windshield, effectively taking a dump on your spirits too, or if there is some other muck on your windshield? Worry not my friend, what you need is to use a nice clean razor (preferably a single edged one) to clean of the gunk from your windscreen. Don’t worry, it won’t scratch, just clean.

Car Care : DIY Car Care Tips - Use a single edged razor to get rid of pigeon's droppings or any other gluck on your windscreen.
Car Care Hack #6 : Single Edged Razors can be Used to Get Rid of any Dirt on Your Windscreen


7. Shaving Foam – Say Goodbye to Foggy Windshields

Fogged up windshields are a big safety risk to drive with. Spraying a little shaving foam and thoroughly cleaning it with a soft cloth is all the car care you need to bid goodbye to fogged up windshields and mirrors, come rain or cold.

8. Fix Car Leaks With A Chew

In case your car’s fuel tank springs a leak, you can use this simple car care tip to save the precious liquid from running out at least temporarily. Take a chewing gum & chew on it for a little while to make it sticky. After wiping off the leak & making sure it’s as dry as possible, apply it to the leaking spot to plug the leak. No need to give dirty looks to shopkeepers who give you chewing gum instead of change. They might just be looking out for you.

Car Care : DIY Car Care Tips - Chew on a gum till it's sticky, & use it to plug the leak after wiping dry the leaking spot.
Car Care Hack #8 : A Chewing Gum can be Used to Plug Oil Leaks from the Engine Sump.



9. A Little More Shade

How many times does it happen that the car shade is unable to block out the glaring rays of the sun, and a piercing shaft of light always manages to pierce into your eyes, making it impossible to look ahead. This little car care tip is a foolproof measure to protect yourself from the pitiless glare of the sun is to use dark tinted plastic sheets to cover up the offending patch of windshield.

Car Care : DIY Car Care Tips - Use dark tinted plastic sheets to cover the portion of the windscreen through which sunlight falls into your eyes.
Car Care Hack #9 : Dark Tinted Plastic Sheets can Protect your Eyes from Sunlight


10. Making Windows Sparkle

This car care tip will inform you how your everyday source of the world’s happenings can also double up as a window cleaner. Newspapers can be used to make your car windows sparkling clean. Newspaper ink teams up with paper to act as a light abrasive, perfect for making those windows sparkling clean. All you need is 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup vinegar & 1/2 teaspoon of liquid soap. Spray on the windows, wipe with the newspaper & you will have spotless clean windows in a matter of minutes.


So now that you are equipped with the power of knowledge (regarding car maintenance at least), we hope we can interest you in reading about the Weird Things People Do in Their Cars. Maybe some of the things you have been doing made it to this list?


Disclaimer : The tips/hacks presented here are only suggestions. It’s up to the owner to practice any of the above-mentioned hacks. The owner should himself/herself be held directly accountable for any damages if caused, by mishandling of any of the instruments.



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